Hi Ladies, well i think the time has come to start the diet image I get married 28th December 2007 - 18 weeks to go and really need to loose 19lb - which on paper looks achievable - but i know what i am like image

So was wondering if anyone would like to be my weight loss buddy - i reallly do much better when i know someone is looking over my shoulder.


  • oh, pick me, pick me!!!

    I'm getting married on Dec 22nd. Havn't weighed myself for ages (too scary!!)

    I'm desparatly trying to stay motivated - managed about 30 sit ups last night, but had a kit kat whilst watching corrie, so sit ups probably don't count!!!

    Would love to have a buddy to keep me on the straght and narrow!! Don't need any more people saying I don't need to loose any, or H2B who loves me just as I am (that's all well and good, but doesn't help when he's the one buying the kitKats!!!)
  • Hi Crazylady, you sound just like me - YOUR HIRED!

    OH! there's only a week between us being married, at least you can eat all over christmas, i've got to starve myself - image

    Know what you mean about them buying you goodies, my H2B keeps going to the shop on a nightly basis and coming back with 3 or 4 chocolate bars - and he doesn't even like chocolate, so i end up eating them as i don't want to waste the money image

    I did WW last year and got down to 10.4lb which i was really happy with and thought over the next few months jsut loose those 4lbs and i could be under 10st - but it never works out that way and now i'm 11.1lb

    I just want to be a perfect 12 (well 10 if i'm honest) and know that i can wear pretty much anything and not feel "FRUMPY"

    How much are you hoping to loose and what are you going to do about it? Me, i have started dieting today and have had my dinner so far and about 15 sticks of chewing gum!!!!!!!!!

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  • Yippee! At last! someone on the same wavelength! I know exactly how you feel! I only want chocolate if it's in the house, so if it's not there, I won't go out and get it, but if it is there.....I won't see it go to waste (rather it goes to my waist!!!he he)

    I'm hoping to lose a fair bit - i'm at about 13 now if i'm honest. would love to get down to ten, but perhaps that's unrealistic!

    I'm drinking hot water with a slice of lemon in it like it's going out of fashion! It seems to be working so far (day 1!!) - i'm definatly not as hungry (but need to pee !!!!)

    Had a salad for lunch - lettuce, tomatoes, cous cous.

  • Chicken salad for me then thought Jacket potato with beans for tea - can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!

    I was 12.5 last August and by Christmas i was 10.4 - so if you have you mind set to it, you can achieve it - and that was me not being very good on the WW point plan!

    When do you have your dress fittings?
  • Havn't scheduled dress fittings yet. I bought the dress online, but I had tried it on in a shop. It is way too big, so no incentive there for losing the weight!. But at least it's a corset style back, so there's a bit of flexibility.

    I've just been reading another thread in here about the cambridge diet - ever heard of it? think I'll go google it and see what I can come up with.

    Although I know H2B won't approve - he recons it's as simple as using up more calories than you take in - simple! (if only!)

    But I'm determined to do it!! No more snacking in the car on the way home from work!!!
  • this is harder than i thought it was gonna be...... it's only half three.....I've hit a slump! Really want coffee (and perhaps a teeny tiny bit of cake? a biscuit even!) But NO!!! I MUST RESIST!!!! Hot water & Lemon it is!
  • How's the Hot water and lemon going? I'm too having touble trying to resist but must remember why i'm doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you received the dress yet? what's it like? Mines got a corset inside which gives me a fantastic shape, at last i have a waist - that was one of reason's which made me buy it. I'm quite straigt in the body really, slim hips but then that gives me no definintion for a waist and i never fit clothes because of it!!!!!!!!!!!!! image

    Went out with the girls last night to see the Take That musical Never Forget (which was brill) but was on my 4th handfull of minstrels when i realised i was supposed to be on a diet image
  • jemmap123jemmap123 Posts: 155
    Hi Vanda & Crazy Lady - Can I join in - Im getting married on 1st December and ideally would like to shift 28 pounds (well everyones got to have a dream)
  • Hi Pinktastic, you're more than welcome, at least we can all suffer together. have you started to diet or just watching what you eat.

    I'll post my weight loss (god! i'm optimistic) on Monday, Must be good over the weekend is my new chantra instead of more wine and choc's please!!!!! ha! ha!
  • Hi Ladies! Was out of action for a while (no internet access at home any more)!

    Hot Water & lemon going well...got a few spots on the chin, but apparently that's normal detoxing, will only last a few days!

    Was very good over the weekend - have almost completely cut out alcohol - parting was such sweet sorrow! So hopefully I will loose inches and gain £££s!

    Only had 1 choccie bar since my last post - a mint aero.

    The hot water & lemon is really curbing the appetite! I'm amazed!

    Also hoping to leave work on time this evening so I can go for a walk before it gets dark ( I know, any excuse!!)

    Hope you're all doing well!
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    Hi, Can I joion too ? I'm also 28th Dec and desparately trying to lose lbs before the big day. I've lost 14.5lbs already and have loads to go. although I was away for a long weekend and think I've probably put it all back on !

    I've been putting off dress shopping for as long as possible but I really should face into it, shouldn't I ? I'm just petrified nothing will fit.

    Anyway, I've done every diet going so can help if you need advice. this time I'm not following any specific diet and trying to be really good and not follow a strict plan. It seems to be working so far.

    Weigh in day is Friday so i've got a couple of days to redeem myself.

    Suz x
  • Hi SuzMcH ! Welcome! of course you can join us!

    I'm not on a particular diet either - just loads of water, have replaced chocolate now with bananas, trying to go walking more (struggling with that one though!) And I now totally aavoid the chocolates/biscuits & cakes aisles in Tesco! (If I can't see them, they can't tempt me!)

    Deffo go dress shopping, you'll love it! And I found it to be a great motivator!

    But I also found that it's totally different to regular dress shopping - the bridal shops have a huge selection of dresses and sizes, and the assistants are so nice! You normally end up trying a dress thats a few sizes too big (which I didn't think was possible in my sace!), and they pin it or hold it so you can see what it's like on you in the right size.

    I've gone for one with a lace up sorset back, so will still be a bit flexible for last minute weight fluctuations!!
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    Hi Girls - sounds like all is going well for you all just now! lol Crazylady - did u know that hot water (with or without lemon) helps to break down the fat in your body?? I love ready all these wee things in diet mags etc and making up my own diet! (not much success so far tho! image )

    I go to body combat and attack every wk and was going to water aerobics once a wk 2 but that's off jst now.

    I have 4 lovely kiddies 8yrs and under 2 run after, you'd think the weight would fall off me as i walked (no such luck! haha)

    I've went for just cutting down and out. I used to have huge portions but a few days of cutting down and now i can't do that, my stomach won't take the bigger amount! I don't drink fizzy juice (unless it's lemonade in my vodka! :P), i've cut out the choc biccies and i try my best to stay away from choc and crisps altogether! I'm a pizza addict but avoid that too AND bread!!! (OMG - wot am i actually eating??????? - cereal! lol)

    My Wedding isn't till 2009 but i've got my brother-in-laws wedding abroad nxt June so i want to be lookin bikini gr8!!

    i don't weigh myself so i couldn't tell you what that is but my clothes size has just went from an 18 to 16 (depending on shop & material that is!)

    So... if you don't mind I think i'll join you all, I'll be honest cos otherwise i'm jst not helping myself!!! Body attack 2nite so i'm being very good!!

  • Hi 2009-B2B! C'mon in! The kettle's on! (even more often than ever now that you've told me that it actually breaks down the fat...yippee!)

    I know what you mean about the running around! I used to work in a hotel doing 12 hour shifts of running about (honestly, the only time I would get to sit was driving to & from work!!) And yet, not an ounce shifted!

    I love pizza too, but H2B is not a fan, so at least that helps! Also trying to cut out bread, but it's so hard! you can't have a sandwich without it!!! But am cutting down portion sizes, even using a smaller size plate to try and fool myself into thinking I've had loads!!! H2B thinks I'm crazy.....hmm perhaps my login name more suitable than I thought!!

    What's Body Attack? sounds dangerous!!! (although, this from the girl who thinks jogging is dangerous!) No wonder I am the way I am!!!!

    Anyways, welcome aboard! Keep the tips & tricks coming!!
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    You've spurned me on. Swimming after work I think. You've done really well 2009 B2B, dropping a dress size already. I'm also going to start drinking loads more hot water, I never knew it helps break down the fat.

    I've also got one of those mini trampolines at home. Other half thinks it's a load of rubbish but I'm giving it a bash anyway.

    Suz x
  • Hello all, how we all doing?

    Haven't been to boots yet to get weighed - keep putting it off but i don't think i've lost the 7lb i was hoping for this week image

    SuzMcH GO SHOPPING if there were a better incentive to loose the pounds it's this, it really does spur you on and like CrazyLady said, they have them in all sizes and make you feel fantastic - let us know how you get on.

    2009-B2B - does cups of tea count with the hot water thing? Hope so as i'm drinking more to curb the appetite.

    Anyway, lamb, cous cous and roasted vegetables for tea tonight - quite looking forward to it - with plenty of balzamic vinegar

    What is everybody else having for tea tonight?
  • Hey Vanda! How's tricks?

    Can I come to yours for Dinner! Sounds great! I love cous cous!

    There's a head of lettuce in my fridge, which I have been avoiding having eye contact with all week! Think it might be salad tonight! with lots of sweetcorn, tomatoes, beetroot and maybe some chicken.

    Anyone got a recipe for nice low fat dressing?? I am a big caesar or Blue cheese dressing fan,
  • Hello lovely ladies.

    Can i please please join in?

    Getting hitched on 1st December. Lost about 3 stone last year before we were engaged, but have put a bit back on. Dress is ordered to fit me now, but want to be a size 12 really!

    Want to lose another 2 stone, which i think is doable if i stick to it. Have started being really strict again- doing stone age diet- no wheat, dairy or sugar, and eating fresh stuff only. (Plus eating breakfast which i'm so bad at)

    Lost 5lbs this week (week 1) but could do with a friendly kick up the backside if you girls are willing!

    Thanks. Melissa xxx
  • BIG KICK!!!!!!!! how was that MrsWtobe. Welcome.

    We should have a diet party on Friday afternoons, i could bring cous cous and houmous...he! he!

    CrazyLady, don't know about blue cheese dressing but i love doing a cajun chicken salad with mustard dressing. - Sprinkle raw chicken with cajun spices and leave to stand for as long as possible, fry off in lowfat spray in a frying pan.

    Dressing - olive oil, half a lime, teaspoon of mustard (dijon) adjust to taste - absolutely lovely - this is my H2B bestest hot salad dinner - usually roast red peppers and large mushroom into strips to make it warmer....

    That's my recipe of the day - oh! i think i'll go and get a glass of water!!!!!image
  • Just boiled the kettle and am back at my desk with a huge mug of hot water.

    Your influence has started already. thanks girls. And Vanda, that kick was a little hard (sore bottom now) but much appreciated!
  • SuzMcHSuzMcH Posts: 635
    I'm making a low fat spag bol tonight. Child and H2B friendly (roasted veg mixed in and blended so they don't notice) Also using turkey mince instead of beef as it's lower fat.

    I tend to just stick to balsamic vinegar as a salad dressing but am definantly going to try the lime and mustard one- thanks Vanda.

    Thanks for the telling off, I might go and try a dress on Thursday night. I'm only having a really small doo so don't want anything to big and "bridal". I might take a look in Monsoon. Any other ideas ?

    Suz x

  • oohhh, that sounds tasty!

    H2B not a salad fan.... prefers anything with cheese, butter, potatoes etc, but I am trying to convert him - this could be just the dish!

    Welcome mrsWtobe!! Well done on your first 5lbs! I still am too chicken to step on the scales - he he he!
  • not a problem MrsWtobe - it's what we're here for.

    I too have water - it's reallllllllyyyyyyyyyy yummy!
  • Think i'll have some salmon tonight. pan fired (spray olive oil) with some salad. Trying not to eart starchy carbs in the evening.

    Also made up pots of sugar free jelly last night in little tuppaware tubs. Had one after my lunch of broadbean soup and it was yummy. Got me over the need for sugar.

    Feel all empowered now! (also the fact i have a big butt and the wedding is only 88 days away helps put the pressure on.)
  • MrsWtobe you are organised!

    Well i've been to the wiegh machine and have LOST 3LB - YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE see having no chocolate does work, only another 16 to go
  • mov429mov429 Posts: 780
    Hey Crazylady - i've started the hot water with lemon too! it's actually ok, once you get used to it! i've noticed tho, once i start drinking it - i can't stop AND SWEAT!!! lol the sweat lashes out o me! (graphic i know, but have u noticed the same or is that jst me??) Body attack - it's like a fast up beat aerobics type thing! haha that helped eh!! It's a great cardio workout. here's a link for it, it's really addictive, i'm sure most gyms do the classes now too!!


    I'm feeling quite chuffed wi myself this wk, i'm been REALLY good - apart from the packet of munchies! :S ok and i had one packet of crisps!! but that's no bad!! i'm eating better the rest of the time! :P Speak to you all later ladies!

    (O btw, you're maybe better NOT weighing yourself, pull out something that's too small for you, try it on now and again. muscle weighs more than fat - i've put on nearly a stone BUT - BUT i've went down a jean size!! Scales aren't always the answer! xx)

  • SuzMcHSuzMcH Posts: 635
    Well done Vanda. I don't think I'll be as positive tomorrow when I weigh in. I've been good through the week but I think my long weekend last weekend is catching up on me. Mind you, maybe I need a shock weight gain to put me back on track.

    Been good today. Only cereal for breakie, baked pot and salad for lunch, although I've just had a few marshmallows at work ! Low cal soup for tea tonight I think.

    Was thinking of trying Adios tablets, has anyone tried them before ?

    Suz x
  • yeah! i tried them and couldn't really tell you if they worked or not, i lost weight but i was also being careful of what i was eating too! The only things that works for me is sheer bloody will power (bother!) the old saying of eat less do more isn't pie in the sky, but if it was a steak & kidney would look good.....mmmmmmmm - sorry i keep going into these "special" moments - he! he!
  • SuzMcHSuzMcH Posts: 635
    Well, I got on the scales this morn and only 3/4lb off. Better than on but still not as good as I'd hoped. I'm supposed to be half my body weight by 28th Dec !! I've been reading another thread about the Special K diet and I reckon I'm going to give that a bash during the week.

    I've got peoplen round for dinner tomorrow night. Was going to do olives, hummous, carrots etc for starter. a lasagne and loads of salad for main course. But what can I make for desert that's kindof healthy but sweet enough so that guests don't think I'm spoiling pudding for them ?

    Suz x
  • If i use lemon juice instead of a slice of lemon, how much should i use in the hot water, and would lime juice work too?
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