What size dress to order

Help !!!

Our big day is November next year I’ve found my dress but the designer is discontinuing it so I have to order now. I’m at the weight I want to be but paranoid I will put weight on before the big day do I order my dress 1 size bigger or stay with the size that fits now there is a little room around bust and hips really don’t know what to do. 


  • Order the size you are now. If you do put on a little weight it can always be let out but the likelihood is you’ll loose a bit of weight. 

  • I'd say it depends on what the dress is like. I was between two sizes when I ordered mine (and the wedding was over a year away) but because it's so heavily beaded on the top I was advised to go for the bigger size because it's lot easier to take in than it is to let out.

    If the top of your dress is really beaded or detailled, I'd say go next size up. If it's pretty plain and could be let out easily, go for the size you are now. :)


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