Lose a stone in 4 weeks

Hi guys,

My wedding is in December, I have 4 weeks to lose a stone. I'm currently 10.2 stone. I should have done this month's ago but kept putting it off. Anyway, I have real concern about not fitting into my dress! It's too late to get another (not to mention I can't afford to buy another). Can anyone else share their stories of such quick weight loss and if it's doable?

Yesterday I started my plan - 45 mins weight training at the gym + I jog to and from gym (only a 2km round trip) I've got a diet plan cutting carbs and sugar too so consuming around 1200 cal car day


  • following a strict Keto diet will help you lose water weight quickly, and you will find the pounds shift off, BUT as soon as you go back to a normal diet expect this to come back on. It isnt a long term or sustainable plan at all. 

    Also please bear in mind if you are restricting carbs and weight training that long that often, you are likely to experience a lot of fatigue. You're basically asking your body to run at high efficiency without putting the right fuel in it.

  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,137 New bride

    It’s optimistic but I know it can be done for some people although your starting weight is already fairly low so a Stone is a lot to lose. I’d go more off measurements than weight though esoedially if you’re going to the gym. Your weight can stay the same or even increase but you can be losing inches when exercising. Have you tried your dress on? How far is it from fitting and have you got an alterations person who can advise on how much you actually need to lose for it to fit Or whether it can be taken out to fit? 

    I’d also advise that you eat properly and don’t starve yourself because your dress will fit but you’ll look and feel awful! Eat healthily, cut carbs and refined sugar way down but not out completely as you’ll need energy, and drink at least 2l of water a day and you should see a big difference in a month but don’t get caught up on a number on the scale because in my experience the more pressure you put on yourself in that sense the harder it is!

  • Drink loads of water and up the high intensity training workouts in your schedule, they can be short but effective. Don’t cut carbs but switch to brown everything. Lots of veg, avocados, white fish, sweet potato. 

    If you do go down the crash diet route prepare yourself for a few weeks of feeling pretty grim, it’s  not what I would want in the run up to my wedding! Look after yourself and make sensible choices. 

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    I've lost 9lbs in 5 weeks at Slimming World (one week was a maintain) and that's with hardly any exercise.  I'm down to 8st 12bs but I do think it get's harder the closer you are to target weight.

    I set up an instagram page where I put all my meals it's helped me focus and get meal ideas.  I also use myfitnesspal through the fitbit app to log everything that passes my lips.

    I think if you really want to you'll be able to do it.  Good luck xx

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    MrsGtoB that's a great idea about photographing what you eat and posting it online. I've tried recording what I eat and calorie counting, but it's never really helped me reduce what I eat long term. Posting photos of your food for everyone to see would really make you stop and think before eating!

    It's an obvious point, but the first step of every weight-loss journey should be to reduce your alcohol intake if you're a drinker, as it's all just empty calories. Plus, I've also heard that not drinking for a couple of weeks before a wedding can do wonders for your skin.

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