Any good you tube fitness videos?

Can anybody recommend any good, enjoyable (if possible!) Fitness videos on you tube?


  • kate268kate268 Posts: 74 New bride
    Ooh yes, definitely the Joe Wicks HIIT ones. Melissa Bender and then Bad Yogi and Yoga with Arienne. 
  • Gem88Gem88 Posts: 10 New bride
    Definitely second the joe wicks ones. They're so short it's really is to fit them in and you do see results. 

    I do love the old ministry of sound pump it up ones from back in the day too if you can find them in half decent quality!
  • All the 'Fitness Blender' videos are amazing and they have such a huge variety, including ones for people who get bored easily (which I'd definitely me) but they're probably not 'fun'. I've recently heard of a guy called Fitness Marshall who does dance workouts ... It sounds fun, but haven't yet tried it! 
  • MrsF280320MrsF280320 Posts: 184 New bride
    Thanks all, I'm on week 2 of doing Joe Wickes 5 times a week so hopefully will start seeing some results soon ! Every muscle has hurt so it must be doing something!
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