I've got this!! =) 💪

So my 4th week at weight Watchers and lost 3lbs. That's 11 and a half lbs off in 4 weeks! Another 42 lbs to go until my next wedding dress fitting in October =) Hope all you lovely bride/grooms out there are well and having a lovely week 😘💜😘


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    Thats amazing well done!

    I signed up to WW a few weeks ago and I'm really struggling with it. I'm finding it so restrictive compared to when I did slimming world. How many points are you allocated per day. I have 23 and really don't find it enough. Do you think you could share a typical days food with me to see where I'm going wrong? I really want to try and keep going with it, mainly because I've paid for 3 months up front!
  • @MrsPope2018 thank you. Okay so on a typical day I'll have a whole meal Pitta Bread which is 4 and a fried egg which is free =) Lunch ill have a cheese sandwich with low fat cheese and a bag of Crisps. That's normally around 9 sp. And then ill have chicken and any free veggie stuff for supper. The zero hero's are so crutial for me. I'm also walking alot with my 9 year old niece 3 nights a week but it's intense walking. I don't snack just have 3 meals and drink shit loads of water lol. I'm on 27 points at the minute cos I'm obviously a bigger person. The key thing for me is planning ahead and preparing. As long as I do that I'm on track =) xxx
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    That's helpful thank you. I think I need to get my planning head back on and properly plan out all my meals. Snacking is my biggest problem, especially in the evenings. Good luck with the rest of it! 😊
  • @MrsPope2018 you are very welcome. Good luck to you too 😃 💜 
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