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Help! 40 days to go!

Hi All,

This seems like a bit of a trivial message but need some support. It’s now 40 days to go I’m seven days away from my first fitting and I know I’m not where I wanted to be weight wise. Was hoping to be maintaining by this point but still got 9llbs to go! 

I haven't been very strict so i know I’m to blame but found it very difficult what with hen dos, holidays, a feeder fiancé & the only way I see my friends is for drinks/dinners after work. I also get a lot of stick at work when I’m having small lunches or not going to the pub - no one gets it so there’s no support system there. 

I really wanted to lose weight the healthy way so it kept off but I just don’t see it happening.

anyone else been in or currently in this position, what did you do? How did it turn out?



  • Abby40Abby40 Posts: 24 New bride
    I feel your pain. When we got engaged, I told myself I would be in the best shape of my life for my wedding. Two years on, nothing's changed, and my wedding is in 3 weeks. I think all of the reasons you mentioned as well as a lack of motivation was to blame for me – I only had a stone or so to lose, so I kept putting it off, thinking I had plenty of time. When there was 6 months to go, I told myself to get my act together. The next thing I knew, there was 3 months to go, then 1 month, and now a matter of days. 

    My first dress fitting lifted my spirits, though. I chose my dress because it made me feel good as I was (as they should!), even when it was a size too big and not looking as it should, but when I could see it starting to take shape during the fitting, I got very excited. When I went back to the shop a few weeks later to try it on after the alterations had been made, I felt amazing! With your dress fitting coming up, maybe you'll feel the same way? I'm sure we all have an idea how our dress will look after alterations, but actually seeing it fitting properly is a great feeling!

    What's helped me is H2B telling me he loves me as I am and that I don't need to lose weight – I'm sure it's the same for you! I think we also need to be kind to ourselves – weddings are stressful! 
  • My wedding is in 35 days and I have managed to lose no weight this year. I don't look terrible I have lost a lot of weight in the past but I would have liked to look a lot better then I do now. 

    I have a fitted dress and my tummy currently shows and I hate that. My worst part of my body.

    I'm trying to give up carbs from Monday no more carbs. I lost 3 or 4kg in a month giving up carbs before.

    Want to join me?
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