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Weight loss support thread?

Can’t seem to find a recent one, so is anyone up for a new weight loss support thread? Maybe a weekly weigh in?

I’ll start - date set for 3rd July 2021. I have at least 4.5st to lose, as much as I can before I start dress shopping in July. 

I have Crohn’s disease and an ileostomy so have found it difficult to lose weight in the past. But I’m determined this time! 

Doing keto and 16:8, started on Monday and lost 5lb so far.

Weighing in today at 15 stone 4lb.

Happy dieting!


  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 293 New bride
    I'm in! Wedding day is 12th March 2021 so (exactly) 14 months to go.
    Also doing keto and IF, I've already lost 44lbs but would like to ideally lose another 44lbs by wedding day! And as much of that as possible by April/May time for dress shopping.
  • GallaGalla Posts: 78 New bride
    Our stories are pretty similar amy we can help each other!

    bought myself roller blades too so have been skating a lot as exercise 🙈

    good luck!
  • Hey everyone! 

    New to the forum and really keen on supporting everyone going through their weight loss journey. I have a degree in exercise science and have been a personal trainer and teacher for the last 10 years.

    Ask me any questions if you have any!
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