HELP!! Points plan or Core plan??

Hi ladies,

I have been following the WW points plan for about 2months or so now, and i have only lost 5.5lbs.image

I am a little dissapointed, but at least i am loosing weight rather than putting it on.

So, i need a little advice from all of you fantastic ladies.

POINTS or CORE plan???

What have you found to be the most effective plan??

Oh and any tips/recipies will be greatly appreciated, (I will try to share as many of my WW recipies with you as i can)

I look forward to hearing your opinions, advice and success stories.

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  • points is usually quicker, but for me, I really prefer core. I don't think the points plan really encourages you to change your habits - people I know who follow that plan seem to eat lots of pre-packed foods and snack alot. Also when i've done points i seem to be constantly hungry, and counting everything just makes me feel deprived. On core, I never feel hungry, and I don't really feel like I'm on a diet either! It teaches you to eat the right foods, and learn when you're full and satisfied.

    But it is an individual choice, and i have other friends who swear by points because they find it less restrictive.
  • i like points because i dont have to change my eatting habits! if im carefull with my points i can eat anything.

    maybe you could exercise aswell but not eat the bonus points you get.

    i tend to use most of my points durin the day time and have low and 0 poinyt food for dinner - (home made butternut squash chips are brilliant and no points). that way you are working the food off and not going to bed on a tottaly full stomach! seems to work for me!
  • weigh your food also as i was shocked how much i had been over eating before i got a set of scales!
  • alr837alr837 Posts: 257
    Alot of people find core a bit of a shock, but are astounded by the sucess of it!

    if you want some help, have a look at the ww message boards, should get loads of ideas!
  • i used to do core (im a WW veteran, done it all many times!) and find it'd the best. i lost every single week, my habits changed (though i have lapsed!) and felt so healthy on it. it all depends on your personal preference, but for me, its core all the way image
  • Core really worked for me because it's about healthy eating rather than eating less (well that's a massively simplistic way of looking at it but you know what I mean!). So you can get really full but do it on salad, rather than allowing yourself to eat chocolate but then not being able to eat much else.
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