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Anyone know how much weight loss 1.5 inches is off my waist?

I ordered my dress a month ago, and was measured inbetween sizes. The sample was a 14 which fitted OK on the body but was big on the bust.

As I wanted to lose more weight before the wedding I ordered the size 12, which would mean that I had 0.5 inches to lose on my bust and hips and 1.5 inches to lose on my waist.

I should have measured myself at the time to get an idea of how much I would have to lose, but didn't think of it.

Does anyone have any idea how much weight I might have to lose to get rid of the extra inches?

Thanks x


  • That's an impossible one to answer as it could vary massively.

    At the end of the day you can have your body wrapped in shrink-wrap for an hour and lose an inch but you may well weigh the same.

    Even if you lost 3lbs to lose an inch last week it doesn't mean losing another 3lbs will do the same.

    Just keep focussing on being sensible with what you eat, do some exercise and you will be moving in the right direction.

    If you want specific advice do let me know as you could lose those inches in a week.
  • you do need to focus on diet and excercise, for a very approx guide you could look at 1stone per inch (but it is a rough guide) also the universal contour wraps are great just before the day. I lost almost 3 dress sizes for the big day and was very happy. ( I just had to tighten the corset bit more and more as I lost weight).

    Good Luck and go for it x
  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    Thanks for the advice. I have lost 5lbs since I ordered the dress, and would still like to lose just over a stone, so I'm hoping that I will be OK. I had a universal contour wrap just before my sisters wedding and it was great. I didn't even think about having a couple of those. Think I might still have a couple just before anyway as it made my skin feel really nice, and my dress is a corset back, so can do it tighter if needed. x
  • you'll be fine x and you've done the right thing. My shop wouldnt let me order a smaller size so it ended up just a little too big. If I'd lost anymore it would have been very loose around the hips, but my boobs would have held it up ha ha.

    When's your big day ?
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