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how do i tone my belly up more?

right im lose weight but i need to tone up im doing sit ups but it does not sim to be doing much i can do 70 sit ups a night till a really cant do know more i have three kids and my h2b works night so i cant go gym cause he is at work from 6pm till 6am then he is in be in bed till 3pm over then sit up what can ido to help tone me belly up ? :\?


  • Hello again ... just replied to your other thread but will answer this too!

    Try buying a few workout dvds and some decent trainers. I love anything by Nell McAndrew. Difficult at first but boy did I see the results. When I finished university all the beer and pizza had meant I'd put on three stone and gone up three dress sizes! I lost that within six months but just doing the Nell McAndrew Peak Energy DVD twice a week and then walking everywhere. She incorporates lots of tummy exercises too. Ultimate Challenge is a killer but gets results!

    I think I also cut out bread and alcohol which really helped too because it forced me to consider other healthier options and lose weight!

    Get moving as much as you can - including the children. Go for walks with them if you can. I know it's horrible, dark and cold at the mo but get wrapped up and go out there! Your body will work twice as hard and burn more calories as it fights to keep you warm as well!

  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    One word answer... PIlates.

    Sit ups force your belly out, pilates will pull it in, it works in a completely different way , its lovely and relaxing and I saw a huge change after 6 sessions... its great for toning everywhere else too.

    Darcy bussell has a vid out and its quite easy to follow.

  • Hello again toosexylady - I've been meaning to try Pilates. Is it really that effective? Would an exercise dvd suffice? Or is it worth going to a class? x
  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    I swear by it, it changed my body shape so quickly. I went toc lasses but have the dvd at home. Its worth doing classes as they train you to work your inner core and so get max benefit from the exercises, whch are very slow and simple.

    I do some dance classes too to help keep me fit, but pilates is fab for toning, thats why prof dancers do it !

    Hope your plannings going well missy

  • Thanks toosexy - think I'll go to a class then since you've sold it so well! Will it help my lower back pain and chronic neck pain!?image xxx Hope you're ok too x
  • ta ladies i will try all of above x
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