slimming buddy for July 2008

hi i am looking for a buddy for july 2008.

Any takers?

I am looking to loose 2 dress sizes as i have ballooned over the last year or so and really want to feel my best on my wedding day. The problem is that i need to keep myself motivated but am happy to help someone else as well x


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    I'll be your weight loss buddy, I have lost 2 stone so far but I have another 1 stone and a half to go and it is not shifting but I have started again today and I am writing everything down including what I drink and I want 5lb off me this week. Do you think that it is too much t hope for??

    I get married July 2nd. I have real problems letting go of chocolate.

    What about you? What date do you get married? Have you picked your dress?

    I have bought my dress but I dont fit in it yet, I ordered it from America and I made sure that I ordered it 3 sizes smaller image when I got it we couldnt even get the zip on my back and now I just have a little way to go but its a corset dress and I want to feel comfortable in it.


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  • thanks so much i am trying to motivate myself and its so hard - especially on cold winter nights lol!

    I am 17th July and looking to go from 18 to 14. I am completely and utterly addicted to crisps!

    My only worry is that i ordered my dress in my current size but i will cross that bridge when i come to it. I'm hoping it can be taken in but if not i will just need to find another one. Hope not though as i really love my dress!

    which diet are you doing? Thats amazing what you have lostg so far! Your more than half way there! You should definately be able to achieve that before July if you carry on like you have been! x
  • Can i join you too? Im not until 09-08-08, but need to looses about a stone and a half, and cant seem to motivate myself. I seem to be good sometimes, but then pig out on nuts and crisps. Need some help!!!!!
  • of course - i need a fellow crisp addict - nobody understands!!!

    The more the merrier!

    Less chance of me slcking off! x
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    Hey Girls,

    I am not actually following a diet, I just changed the way I eat. I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables now plenty of white meat and when I want a treat I'll have one unfortuantaley thats an option I have been taking this last few weeks. I started yesterday by writing down everything I am eating and it seems to be helping me to cut down because I am more concious about I am eating now. I dont get time to get to the gym no more so I am going to start walking for an hour every night despite the miserable weather!! You should find at the start its a lot easier motivation because the weight just seems to fall off and then it stops and that last bit of weight is just so stubborn LOL....
  • hi girls, could i join too? i get married on 6th july and have about 2 stone to go. i have lost weight before, 4 stone in total, but think am just geting old and its getting hardere, really struggling this time!
  • hello people.

    I have tried to cut out on all foods that i know are bad for you, and am tucking into an apple just as we speak.

    BUT - went to the gym last night (first time in a few weeks), and did a really good work out, BUT then came home and had a pack of dry roasted peanuts, and a bag of hula hoops!!!

    Am i ever going to get out of this cycle???

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    Hi Vicky and MirKitty,

    You have to remember that when you are tempted by certain foods just say think of my dress and then have a bit of fruit. Don't completly deny yourself any treats because you will crave them more and you will give in some night and binge just keep thinking my dress!!
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    I have lost 3lbs this week, but I think I can do more because looking back I have eaten a fair amount of chocolate this week. I am writing everything thing down including what I drink snack on and it seems to be working so if I can get 3 or 4lbs off me this week I will be over the moon.
  • Ive been trying hard this week - had flu about two weeks ago, which meant that i was unable to eat much. them went to the gym last week with a pigout after it. now i have pleurisy, which means that i really dont feel like eating at all. not even crisps!!!!

    hope to be fully fit and raring to go with my weight loss news after christmas!!!

    well done Rosapenny for loosing 3lbs.
  • I think we should set up a "weigh in" night or some sort of thging that will keep us motivated? what do you think? i know that a few months ago i joined one of these chat types, but never bothered replying after a while as there was no set night where we told each other how much we had lost, or gained. what do you think ladies?
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    That sounds good to me MirKitty, I weigh myself every Monday morning beofre I get dressed.
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    I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 2lbs this week!! Lets see if I can do it again for next week.

    How is everyone getting on?
  • because i have been so ill i havent had chance to weigh myself. but i think monday morning weigh ins arfe a good idea, so as from Monday morning i will join you, in the hope that we will loose the weight before the big day.

    rosapenny, do you have much to loose? i have a spare tyre (or three), and would like to do something with my legs.

    Any tips?

    PS I have just had a bag of crisps, so need some motivation as well!!!!imageops:
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    image I have about a stone and a half to lose, Ideally I would love to have 2 stone off by the time the wedding comes around.

    For thighs if you dont go the gym try and get yourself a cross trainer and do 20 minutes a day you will see amazing results on your thighs and bum area.

    At the minute I am just cutting down and writing down everything that I eat/drink and it seems to be working but from after Christmas I am going to be walking my dog for an hour every night and hopefully that will help take it down.

    At the moment all my weight is focused on my middle and back area, I am quite small on top size 10-12 but I am a tight 14 on the bottom. I am 12 stone at the minute so if I can get down to 10 I will be over the moon!!

    What about you have you much that you are looking to lose? Every time you are tempted by something try and picture you in your wedding dress and instead go for a piece of fruit.
  • Hi,

    I am getting married on 5th July 2008 and I am going first for a weight loss goal of 1 stone by March and push for an extra 1/2 stone by the big day!!

    My biggest challenge- Christmas! So here are my top tip for getting through the festive period:

    1. Watch the alcohol- .alternate drinks with water and go for the lower calorie options where you can- vodka tonic is much more friendly then lager!

    2. Watch your portions- dont deny yourself things, just watch how much of it you are eating- 2 roast potatoes rather than 4!

    3. Dont forget to keep eating fruit- all those christms clementines need to be eaten!

    4. Keep excercising- just because you cant get to the gym over Christmas doesnt mean your routine has to stop- get out for some long walks, get the bike out of the garage and see some new places- it all adds up and the further you go the bigger the achievement!

    5. Enjoy yourself! We are all going in to the year we are getting married- and I dont know about you but I have been dreaming about this since I as 5 and wearing my grandmothers wedding dress! Its going to be fantastic and really special time so enjoy!

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    I havent weighed myself all week so I am going to dtart brand new tomorrow. Just over 6 months to go.
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