14lbs by wedding (08/11/08) but need to be careful... help!

Hi girls (and guys if there are any)

Basically I need A LOT of help to get myself sorted at at my goal weight for my wedding, which is on 8th November '08. I think I weigh 9st 1lb at the moment and want to get to 8st 3lb before the wedding, 8st ont he dot would be ideal. I know it seems like I have ages to do it and it should be an easy target... BUT, I have recently recovered from an eating disorder and am still finding it incredibly hard to stick to a actual diet.

I know this might be a hard thing for some people to understand but I'm just asking for advice on easy to follow diets or plans that work.

I desperately want to stay in "recovery" so any help woul be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys, love Tash xx


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    Hey Tash

    Do you belong to a gym at all. I would perhaps suggest that you talk to a good instructor or perhaps maybe a member that looks lean and athletic. The reason i say this is that bodybuilders follow a strict regime as do fitness models and they have very lean physiques. You would be suprised about the amount they eat though.

    As you are recovering you need to fall in love with your body and learn to be nice to it. If you can get info on this sort of diet you will drop a few pounds but of the fat not muscle which is what happens with an eating disorder.

    maybe even see a nutrionist

    hope that helps xx
  • Hey you will get that done ! join weight watchers, do it on line if you dont want to go to meetings , you have enough time, dont stress about it , enjoy christmas then find a plan that works for you, there are lots on the internet that will make it easy for you . good luck !
  • I echo what the other ladies have mentioned. I would just follow a healthy diet, not eating junk, plenty of water and go to the gym or exercise. I think that really is the best way to lose weight in the long run and especially if you have had an eating disorder. I have had issues with body image in the past and the atkins diet has worked for me because I can eat plenty of food and not feel deprived. Also it would be best for you to seek help from your doctor if possible, he or she should be able to advise you on how best to approach weight loss since you have had problems in the past. Well done to you for getting over your eating disorder.

    Good luck x

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  • Hey girls, thanks for your advice. I guess it seems so obvious really but I'm really wary of the risks of dieting when I'm so recently out of recovery.

    I'm not a gym member yet but I'm certainly going to check out local ones and see what I can afford. I think I'll be increasing those brisk walks in the mean time!

    Hopefully I'll be able to find the right balance and get to my target weight sensibly.

    Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it Xx
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    Hi Tasha

    My advice would be to stay off the scales. I think far too many people place importance on the actual numbers. I used to compete in figure fitness contest and never stood on the scales as I purely went by how I looked and felt. If there is a certain area that you wish to concentrate on then ask for some advicce at your local gym but remember muscle ways more than fat so please don't worry if you gain a few pounds just look in the mirror and you will see the difference.
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    Hi Tasha, I agree with the above advice but if your gonna diet do it sensibly, I joined weight watchers when I was 9st 8lb and lost 12lb in 7 weeks and I wasnt starving myself and could eat what I wanted as long as I stayed within my points I have maintained my weight for over a year now by sticking to WW during the week and enjoying what I wanted on a weekend, I doubt WW will accept you if you have had an eating disorder but why dont you just eat sensibly and property for the next few months til your back on track and then nearer the time try weight watchers gradually and slowly, the weight will come off but in your situation it needs to be gradual however, I am sure you look fine at 9st 1 that really is a good weight x x good luck
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    Hi Tasha

    I started my recovery 2 years ago from an eating disorder. How long have you been in recovery hun? I only say this because I put on weight once I started eating normally again and this is due to the body storing food as fat - its been so used to being deprived that it doesnt know when the next meal is coming, and so stores food in case no more food arrives. I put on a couple of stone really quickly and it took roughly a year for the weight to come off and now its level. I dont use scales, I just go by how my clothes fit as to whether I am putting weight on or not - and the fit of my clothes has stayed the same for the last year.

    Get rid of any scales for sure, they dont help and what is a number anyway? You can tell if you're losing weight by your clothes.

    I saw a nutritionist who devised a meal plan for me which was great as it was structured and healthy, and it stopped me from binging or restricting because I knew it was helping.

    I would say just be careful and look after yourself at this stage. I think you should concentrate more on bringing a routine back into your meals, your weight will take care of itself. I had to trust that my body would eventually return to its normal weight - it was scary because I never thought I would stop putting on weight. But I did, and then it came off again.

    Recovery is another test but your life will be so much more enriched because of it hun. Well done to you for taking the step to recovery.

  • Hey girl, thanks again for your replies. I wish I could join WW or something as I think t'd be easier for me to follow something like that but unfortunately they wont accept you if you've had ED. Which is a shame for me. I really struggle to stick to plans etc now, 10 years of starving myself and various other ED techniques has really made it hard to eat "normally"

    Lilith1980- Its kind of hard to say how long I've been in recovery as I have had a few set backs. Its fair to say its quite early into it though. Over the last 12 months I've put on 2 & half stone then lost 2 then gone back up and down a few lbs here and there which is as you said down to my body storing everything! When that happens I'm not always strong enough to continue eating "normally".

    This is basically why I need help with it at the moment. I know that I was happy at 8st 3lb. I also know that I dont look bad as I am now but I want to be at a happy weight, of course I want to feel my best on my wedding day. I just dont want to make myself ill again in the process... Its a tricky one.

    Thanks for your advice though, its nice to hear from someone who's been there that it does settle down. Maybe what I need to do is NOT plan my meals to the last detail... Maybe I worry too much about eating "normally" -the focus is there too much.

    I really appreciate you posting here. Thanks again Xxx
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