I've lost over half an inch from each arm!

Everyone, it seems, has a bit of a bugbear about their arms - and so did i - but i've managed to lose quite a bit from them so thought I'd share - it was actually dead easy.

Every morning whilst waiting for the shower to heat up, I've done 30 door-frame push-ups. After a couple of days these became really easy to do and I just kept it up. Only been doing it for a month - my arms looks so much better and more toned.

Don't know if that's any help - but it worked for me!


  • That is a great help as I hate my arms too!

    Er... what's a doorframe push-up though...?!

  • *s* - stand about 40cm away from a closed door, facing it. Put your hands on the frame so that your arms stick out straight in front of you - that fall in so that your nose nearly touches that door, the push out. In and out. Do it so that when you go back it it's slow and controlled too.

    Where you stand depends on you. As it becomes easier, you can move further way from the door.

    Does this make even the vaguest bit of sense? lol
  • I think so - thank you!
  • I think so - thank you!
  • rustyboxxrustyboxx Posts: 1,042

    i just had h2b show me how to do it, defo going to do them after xmas

  • oooh....my arms at the only bit i'm concerned about for the wedding...will have to start doing these!!!
  • oooh ill have to give them a go.

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