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Hey Runningbird - I see from your posts you are in the diet/fitness line of work. Can I have a bit of advice please? I am doing WW and gyming 4 times a week - spinning and gym sessions. I have been feeling a bit light headed this week and really tired other weeks. At first I wondered if I wasn't eating enough but as of today I have only carried over 5 WW poinbts towards the weekend and I am eating 3 good meals a day with some snacks. A vitamin B12 deficiency runs in my family - I have never been tested. Do you think this could be diet/exercise related. Or do you think I am worrying unnecessarily and it's maybe just a wee bug in my system!

If you can offer any insights, would appreciate it.


  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    Hmmm first thing i thought of is that your blood pressure may be a little low. Not a lot you can do with this apart from being careful when you stand up quick etc.

    After you say about the B12 deficiancy i would get it checked out, because you are exercising now it may of depleted it a bit more.

    Make sure you stick to the WW points that are set for you. The worst thing someone can do is think eating less will make them lose more weight. Your body will think your starving it and will store everything you eat.

    Hope that helps - sounds like your doing all the right things - try to drink lots when exercising too - it should help a bit.

  • Thanks Runningbird - will get the B12 thing checked out and just watch what I am doing, making sure not to save (or drink) too many points!
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    yeah as tempting as it is to save points for alcohol you are infact saving them for rubbish calories that taxes your body and doesn't feed it any good nutrition.

    So your cutting back on the good fuel to feed it the bad fuel - bit like putting the crappy oil into a ferrari really.

    Anyway i'm not being a party pooper as i like the odd drink myself - try and stick to clear spirits with a slimline tonic or diet coke/lemonade - i think they are less points (double check tho - im not up on WW values xx
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