OMG - I have my I just have to fit in it...!!

I have got my dress. It's beautiful and an absolute bargain too. But I ordered a sie 10 and I am a 14...and at the moment I'm sueezing into a 14 too...

I need help to lose inches not just weight!



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    So how long do we have then to shave off a few inches???

    This is a very possible thing to do but you have to be dedicated to the causeimageimage - nothing like a wedding for inspiration eh!

    Are you using a gym? or do you have any exercise regime going?

    the best way to get those inches off is going to be food intake and exercise - this forum is great and everyone can offer you valuable advice but you need to give us more info

    RB xxx
  • Hi

    Yes sorry, didn't give much info did I?

    Wedding is 12/7/08.

    I don't do the gym (hate it) and at the moment I'm not exercising at all. I don't want to go to weight watchers etc I just want to stop eating so much (matching h2b's portion sizes) and scoffing choccy all day...

    Any advise gratefully received.
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    ok right so the gym is out then if you hate it so much.

    If you have a tape measure grab it and take measurements


    Under Bust

    Natural waist (where you bend)




    These are your starting points and what you need to decrease (ob)

    So 7 months (ok with Xmas and New Year in the way)

    Start next week by writing everything you eat down and i mean everything - you will soon start to see how much you actually eat and will probably cull some of it just out of realisation.

    Drink at least 2 litres of water each day - small sips throughout the day not in big glugs or you will just wee all the time.

    Have one day a week off - so say Saturday where you have sweets or drinks or both image

    Try and cut your portions of pasta, rice, potatoes and bread in half as these bloat and can be very calorific.

    That's really the best way to start

    oh and also the obvious - cut down on sweets crisps and full sugar drinks.

    hope that helps a bit xx

  • Hey there, just seen your post, I know how u feel! I am hoping to be a size 10 for my wedding day (I was a size 14 12 weeks ago) and ive managed to lose 1 and a half stone so far and im now a 12, but I go to slimming world and before you dismiss my comments as i know you dont want to go to anything like that it is worth it, ive tried dieting for ages and nothing really worked and slimming world is really easy to stick to. I have started forcing myself to do some exercise too which kinda helps! You should consider going to a class as it might motivate you more than just going it alone..

    A few starters, drink diet coke and slim line tonics rather than the full fat versions, drinking on a weekend is always my downfall so i try to minimise the damage as much as poss by drinking diet versions of soft drinks. Stick at it though, you have plenty of time to get the weight off!

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