Good morning..for those that missed my return at the weekend..PLEASE read my message of thanks to you all on page 4? of last week's thread. I was (and remain) touched by your good wishes. :\)

ONLY 2 more weigh ins until we 'break 'for christmas/new year. Today's and next monday image...I will close the thread on 21 st December and restart on 7th Jan 2008.,,but of course if anyone is around please feel free to keep chatting on the thread during 'our hols' :\)

So, here we go again ....the start of week 11! We ARE doing this ladies....please don't give up, whatever the scales have displayed this morning?????? Fingers tightly crossed for you all.

Please post (or email me) your weight loss, even if is only a pound....even it is is only an ounce!

If you have stayed the problem, just let me know.

IF you have gained....please tell me, we are ALL here to support you!!!!!

(If anyone else wants to join in, please let me know, I will gladly add you!) PLEASE NOTE...starting weight can remain private.

GOOD LUCK TO EACH AND EVERY ONE!....and if you have been managed to face the challenge last week.....WELL DONE! we go with week 11


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Wedding date....30 MAY 2008


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Wedding date....21 JUNE 2008




Wedding date....19 JANUARY 2008

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Wedding date....30 MAY 2009




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Wedding date....11 APRIL 2009


Wedding date....21 JUNE 2008

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Wedding date....15 MARCH 2008

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Wedding date....28 JUNE 2008

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  • i am not looking forward to tomorrows weigh in i was so bad this weekend with far too much alcohol consumedimage

    I have one week until i fly to LA with all the skinny people so will be on extra good behaviour next week!

    maybe ill lose a few lbs in my sleep tonight?!!
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    i'm not looking forward to tomorrow either!! - not been too bad with food and i did go to the gym this morning but i feel all bloated...

    what date are you flying out here? where are you visiting xx
  • ive been ok with food just alcohol has been hideous! I hate knowing i have been good but bloated.

    We fly on sat 15th to LA, staying with friends in Playa Vista but hiring a car so hopefully we will be going all over the place (but still to be planned) then on the 23rd we are driving to Vegas (although im secretly hoping i can persuade h2b to fly)!! hopefully being around tiny people at christmas will stop me over eating all the goodies! x
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    ha ha yes the 'little people' are what i have to face every day - Vegas may be full over ENORMOUS people though so you just have to be extra good image

    There has been quite a bit of snow over here in teh mountains but they have forcast that the rain is done with so you should have good weather xxx
  • im going to really try and be very good i dont want to undo the good work i have done so far!

    how hot / cold is it out there at the moment? Its freezing here... i keep getting headaches when i go out cos of the cold air!! x
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    aah the forcast for next weekend has just been on the tv and its going to be back up to 68 degrees - LA is usually about 5 degrees lower but still in the 60's!!

    i'll be in Bristol when you are enjoying la la land and it willbe about minus 5 no doubt - brrrr

    Sorry girlies we gatecrashed the thread in the middle of your night - he he he xxx
  • skeastukskeastuk Posts: 808
    good morning girls! yay! the 1st one to post my result!! kirstyv - we're going to Los Vegas as part of our honeymoon - let me know how it goes!!

    anyway, i lost 1lb this week!! the scales were tipping on 1.5 but it was early and my eyes couldn't focus so I'll just say 1lb and then hope to lose more by next week!! : )

    will be logging on over the day and hope to see other 'losers!' xx
  • Morning! I've lost 2lb this week - very pleased as I had to get back on the wagon this week!

    I calculated my weight loss yesterday and I've lost more than 20% of my start weight - I am now 4/5 of the woman I used to be!

    Off to open today's door on the choccie advent calendar now!

    Enjoy Monday!!
  • scoobydoukscoobydouk Posts: 1,500
    Morning ladies

    Ive lost 1.5lb which takes me down to 10 stone 1lb, never going to make the 9 stone target for new year but I will still be lighter than what I was a good few weeks back.

    Thanks to runningbird who kicked my a$$ last week, I plan to be really good this week and no alcohol this weekend either as going xmas shopping to glasgow on saturday, so there will be none on the friday and h2b has his night out on sat so I will be going to pick hime up about 3.30 - 4 am on sunday morning so I will be alcohol free this weekend. Good luck to all the losers !
  • ArransRoseArransRose Posts: 1,199
    Good morning girls.....brrrr!!

    Congratulations Senara, Nickid and Flounder...I will chart your success shortly.

    I have maintained this week...which is a whole lot better than I thought..was seriously expecting some sort of gain. I was completely out of my routine last week, but tried to stick to good intentions...'most of the time', did NO walking...driving around everywhere and eating at odd times...anyway, I probably have lost last week, then put on again if you see what I mean..but my scales say no change from a fortnight that's what I am sticking to! LOL.....ooh tis the season to be tempted image

    I've got my birthday coming up, so have promised myself to be strict all week image

    Welcome to Flipflops..please post or email me your starting weight if you wish...but it can remain problem! Together, we will do this :\)

    Keep those results coming ladies!

  • MattjaggMattjagg Posts: 518
    Morning All

    AR soooo glad to hear MIL2B is doing better.

    I have lost 1lb this week!
  • hi all,

    am new to this, my name is tionge getting married on the 28th of june 08, i really wanna lose weight. please be with me as i go through this phase
  • Morning all - well... including the 1/2lb that i didn't include from last week i've lost 1.5lbs... so now i'm 12 stone 2.5lbs. Not sure i'll get to my target of 12 stone for Xmas what with my birthday and all the festivities coming up but i'll certainly give it a go and as I ordered my 'dress' last w/e and have my 1st fitting/measuring session in january i'll definately hit my target for then! Good luck and fingers crossed for everyone's weigh-ins this week. L x
  • Morning All - 1lb off this week which I am really chiffed about as weekend was a bit dodgy but I had saved up and exercised like a demon in anticipation of the weekend. Think pizza hut, burger & chips and chippy chips, as well as wine and cocktails......So I might be in for a disappointing week next week.

    Well done on all the losses - one week till the xmas weigh in - I am going for the stone, but I won't be online till the Thursday as I am away with work for most of next week. Have a great week.
  • ArransRoseArransRose Posts: 1,199
    Welcome Tionge..glad you 'found' us! Do you want a starting weight charted on the first can remain private! You will receive nothing but motivation and encouragement on here.....its going to be a difficult 2 weeks untl the hols..but the willpower and motivation will be flying around non stop on January .....methinks?

    Well done Cooper, duffybain and Mrs Stanley..all this hard work is paying off!

    (thanks again for the lovely messages girls)

    Mrs Stanley, please remind me again of your birthday? I'm sure its before mine?

    Anyone got a works night out coming up?


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  • Hi all - think I will have a stay the same this week, but we shall wait and see what the scales say tomorrow - haven't been naughty or gone over my points allowance, but the scales don't seem to be shifting this week! 18 days till my wedding!!!! The dreaded evil dreams started last night too x
  • Hi all,

    Lost the pound I gained last week so pleased with that - especially as I was visiting my parents this weekend. Still, did lots of walking around the shops in leeds so that probably helped and Mum's trying to lose as well so sensible meals too.

    Not too sure about this weekend though - heading down to M/Fil2B for an early Christmas gathering down there. Food unlikely to be prepared with weight loss in mind... I guess I'll just have to hit the gym/pound the streets a bit more than usual this week in an effort to make room for it.

    AR - well done for maintaining through all the stress. I'm so glad to hear that your MiL2B is out of immediate danger. My thoughts are with you and your family and I'm sending out lots of healthy vibes for your MiL2B, I hope she's feeling much better soon.

    Well done to all the losers this week.

  • skeastukskeastuk Posts: 808
    yep - mine's on friday!! am wearing a gorgeous teal satin dress from coast and am going to the gym from mon to thurs so i look as trim as i can, plus am gonna be living on miso soup and veg all week!! : )

    starters is celeriac soup, then turkey roast, and some lemon mousse thing for afters- mmmm! am drinking too but it won't be much, after 2 drinks i'm anyones!! he he!!

    welcome tionge, and well done duffybain, cooper and mrs stanley2b!!! to have lost with all the treats around at this time of year i think is fab!! xx
  • Hi Ar - my birthday is the 18th so after yours... is yours the 13th...? We're going to Pizza Expess for a meal and then out for cocktails... does it count if i have that really nice pizza they do with spinach on?!?! Is that a portion of my 5 a day fruit and veg... lol! Determined to be good this Xmas without being that annoying person at the party who only has a salad and refuses a pudding/mince pie!!! At least i have the motivation of the dress fitting in January! When is your wedding now - have you got a date in mind? L x
  • scoobydoukscoobydouk Posts: 1,500
    Is soup and a sandwich OK for a lunch, I wont be having a big dinner tonight?
  • Morning all,

    I have lost a pound ( image) so in all and all 2lbs but I suppose its better than gaining them.... Im finding it really hard this time of the year like this week again I have got three separate xmas parties to go to and i have started to lose my will to constantly say no. But still trying hard.

    Well done to all you seem to be doing so well, ill have to get some inspiration from you..

    AR, so very nice to have you back

    banana xx
  • skeastukskeastuk Posts: 808
    i would say that should be ok - as long as the soup isn't too creamy and it's not a fattening sandwich filling!!
  • DLWifeDLWife Posts: 223
    Hello all,

    AR - good news with MIL2B, hoping she will make a speedy recovery x and well done for not gaining!

    I have gained a pound - was so good all week then spoilt it yesterday. Had a big family dinner and after a full roast, continued to eat chocs and mince pies : (

    But, got to work this morning and a very nice lady said - have you lost weight? so now im more determined. Dont want to undo my hard work (even at xmas!)

    Going to keep in mind the lovely wedding photos of the slimmer me!!!!!

    Well done all you losers!
  • skeastukskeastuk Posts: 808
    ahh i love it when people say that!! yay!! and banana - you've had loads of stress at the moment which apparently makes you put on weight so don't beat yourself up about it!

    i fancy a pizza express now!! there's a spinach, red onion and goats cheese one they do which is sooo yummy! i'm hungry!!! xx
  • DLWifeDLWife Posts: 223
    yum! Pizza!

    Also, Sushi? I know its really healthy but have never tried it... and dont know where to start, all looks a bit scary!

    What do you girls recommend!
  • krugie28krugie28 Posts: 487
    Hi Girls,

    Glad everyone seems to be losers again this week. I've lost half a lb! Great considering i fell off the wagon again at the weekend and had a big bag of malteasers on thursday at the cinema then shared a big bag od minstrels with h2b over the weekend!!!

    does anyone else lose lots during the week and then treat themselves a little too much at the weekend?!! thats my problem....

    AR - glad things are getting better. Any news on a wedding date?

    Krugie xx
  • shoopishoopi Posts: 430
    Yeeha! to everyone who's doing so well in spite of the christmas season.

    I think I have maintained this week though it's hard to tell with my dodgy old broken scales which hubby has repaired with a whole load of mastic or putty or something all around the glass window.

    I have been getting some old photographs together for my mum as a Christmas pressie. Looking at old photos is a good way of inspiring you to try harder, I can tell you.
  • skeastukskeastuk Posts: 808
    mm i love sushi!! i'd say most of it is healthy!! they do soups which are filling, plus i have brocolli with soy sauce which is low in cals!

    i think even the rice things wrapped in seaweed in healthy - the packaged ones are high in salt though.

    and krugie - i sooo have that problem too! had popcorn in the cinema on fri night, plus had the munchies on sat night - cue 2 fruit slices and some cake yest! oops!! xx
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    I have maintained AGAIN!!! but atleast I am not putting any weight on. I know it is not my scales as one they are new and two we have another pair of scales which are also new and I am the same on both. The second pair of scales are quite good as they tell you your water and fat percentage.
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Also just to let you all know have just done the new Davina DVD very worth while absolutly loved it but was very knackering. Worth making a purchase or putting it on your christmas list!!!

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