For all my fellow weight watchers buddies

Hi girls.

Thought I needed to explain my absence in the previous WW thread. Since the wedding I have been incredibly poorly and have just been diagnosed (finally) with glandular fever. Havent been to class for over a month and docs say it will probably be at least January before I am strong enough to think about doing very much.

My entire life has been turned upside down and so have completely neglected the plan. I dont think I have gained any weight according to my scales but I havent lost any either.

Anyway, I came to the conclusion that I would cancel my monthly plan subscription (no point paying when im not going to class) and I am going to rejoin again in January when I am fit again. Hubby and I booked our summer holiday last week so I have plenty of motivation. Ive just ordered a tankini from the catalogue that is 4 sizes too small and I am determined to wear it in August so when I go back it will be full steam ahead.

Congratulations to everybody who has stuck at it, and especially well done to Jo for reaching goal. I look forward to joining you all again next year.

Take care, Georgie xx


  • Alex28ukAlex28uk Posts: 579
    Hi Tigger,

    Good to hear from you, although I am sorry you have been so ill! image

    I remember a friend at school being off for 3 months with glandular fever - I know it knocks you for six. She still wasn't well when she came back to school.

    I am only loosely following the plan at the moment with the build up to Xmas coming! I am keeping up my exercise though to try and combat the meals and drinks out! I am not going to weigh in until 8th Jan now then its 12 weeks to get to goal!

    I hope you have a fabulous Xmas and that you are starting to feel better,

    Look after yourself xxxxx
  • ***BUMP***

    Hey, come on ladies, where has all my support gone?
  • MrsDLBMrsDLB Posts: 1,324
    tigger, i am so sorry i am just rubbish at checking these forums!

    so sorry to hear you are unwell. you have done fantastically well to get where you are now, and you managed to get in your wedding dress, you must be so proud of yourself!!

    my sister had glandular fever a couple months ago she was quite unwell for a while too, it's not nice!!

    i am with alexis at the moment, not particulary following the plan but managing to keep my weight steady (losing/gaining half lb each week) and i am more than happy to keep that up til after xmas now! i have my dress now too, and have been told i can only lose upto one more dress size so i have to be careful in that sense too.....

    so, i really do hope you're feeling better soon and can join us again....and have a great xmas, your first together as husband & wife

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