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Hi all

I get married in 116 days! and when i staarted seriously thinking about losing wight about 6 motnhs ago i thoght, right i need to lose 23lbs. doens't sound much but i thought it was way unrealisitic for me knowing my history with diets and the fact i LOVE food! Good news is i've lost 16lbs already but really want to lose the last 7lb, 9lb would be amazing but am getting worried with Christmas coming up!

what can i do to get that motivation there again? i think the problem is my dress does look lovely on me as i am now, so part of me thinks.. i'll be fine! The other part of me is saying arrggghhh you know you'll be annoyed if you don't work your ass off! But i still can't control my motivation!

any help/advice from anyone who's been in the same situation or not is very welocme!

thanks x



  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    i'm in the same place as you - my dress looks great and i get married in 40 days! - i promised myself that i would lose some weight but have weighed the same for 10 weeks!!!

    Im hoping for a nice drop straight after Xmas so my dress is extra comfy instead of snuggly tight.

    Are you following any sort of plan at the moment?
  • firstly congratulations on your weight loss that is great!

    one thing i have done this past week is make a little print out for my wallet / bag. i got pics of my dress with skinny model in it and pics of me when i used to be thin and pics of me now... put them all on the same page. when i look at it i think to myself thats what i want to look like not that and it stops me from eating the chocolate or not doing the exercise. not sure if this would work for anyone else but im better with an actual visual rather than just something in my head!

    over christmas make sure you drink lightly, try drinking white spirits with diet mixers and when it comes to food have more veg and turkey then potatoes etc. have the odd chocolate or peanut just dont sit next to them otherwise its so easy to keep picking without realizing it!

    sorry hope i dont sound preachy i have to remember the above things myself as i dont have great will power!

    Good luck xx
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