Worried I'm becoming obsessed?!

Hi girls

I want to lose a few pounds before my wedding, because I have a few inches of excess (mainly round the belly) and would like to tone up.

I do 30 minutes of cardio and 20 mins toning exercises, 4 times a week. Is this enough?

Last night I didnt feel too well so I didnt do any exercise which made me feel guilty and then I ended up feeling even worse cos me and H2B had a takeaway meal. I had omlette and chips, the omlette I'm not so worried about but I had chips :\(

I think I am being too hard on myself. I dont have takeaways all the time. It probably works out to once every 2 weeks or something. But I'm getting to a stage where I feel bad for not exercising or if I eat something thats a bit "naughty".

We are going round a friends later tonight for some dinner so I want to make sure I exercise before we go, otherwise I will feel bad. Arrrggh!



  • Don't feel bad - each day is a new one to be good on! Your exercise sounds fine too. Good luck with your regime!
  • 4 times a week is fantastic. You're doing fabulously well. Please don't be so hard on yourself x
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