Gym question! Is this normal??


Just wanted a bit of advice if possible. I have joined the gym ( image ) a few weeks ago now. I'm going two to 3 times a week doing a bit of everything and swimming. I am finding that i ache the days after which is fine as it means im doing all the right work but is it possible that my stomach is swollen because of this? When i ache my stomach feels heavy and hard. I need to be loosing a few pounds off there not putting it on! image I also dont seem to have lost much weight but my clothes are fitting better is this the whole "muscle weighs more than fat??" image really confussed and feeling rather demotivated so any advice or suggestion would be really appreciated. thank you. x


  • Make sure that when you are excecising you are pulling your stomach in as much as you can. If you arent doing this correctly you will have a swollen appearance on your stomach. Only know this because my friend is a fitness instructor and I was the same as you. He soon corrected this by showing me how to excersise properly. If you member of gym speak to someone there, im sure they will be happy to help. Good Luck x
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    That has happened to me before! With me though, it always seems to be wind! I come back from the gym and my stomach is really sore and swollen sometimes and I press on it until I can 'expel the air'!!! Sorry, gross, but I find that exercise gets your body going so much that it seems to make me 'pop' shall we say! I think as well when I am running when I am taking water in I am also breathing air in and this contributes to it.

    But Mrs glesson to be makes a really good point which I didn't know! I will be making sure I do that in the future! image

  • Hi ladies,

    thank you for your replies! That all makes sense actually. Yes I am a member at the gym so when I go tonight I will ask them about it, hopefully they can teach me a few things so I dont ache as much! It is a good feeling, but after three days of being in agony when I cough..enough is enough lol thanks again. x
  • As MrsGleeson2b says you do need to make sure you pull your tummy in when you train as you can train it to poke out if your not careful.

    As for the soreness make sure you warm up and down thoroughly and stretch out the muscles you worked.

    Good luck at the gym I'm sure they will be more than happy to help you.

  • Im glad I could help ladies x x
  • Also, see if your gym has a vibration plate. This is a machine that, surprise surprise, vibrates (try not to smile whilst on it!) It helps with all over muscle toning, with different techniques you can use and then also with relaxing your muscles at the end of your workout so you don't feel so sore the next few days.

    I wish my gym had a pool. Instead I travel 15 miles to use an Olympic size one when I have the time.


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