Thinking of slimfast, read this!!

Well I have just completed my 8th day of the slimfast plan. I have followed it religiously and haven't cheated and have found it not too bad to follow.

But today I have realised it has some horrible side effects and that is constipation!! Sorry to be graphic but it dawned on me today that I hadnt been to the loo in a week and I am really constipated. I have had to take some laxatives now which the doctor prescribed me to sort it out!

I have been looking at the label and realised that slimfast has very little fibre and also has iron added to it which is known for making your constipated.

So now I have realised I'd be better off with cereal for brekkie, a low fat sarnie for lunch and a healthy dinner plus fruit for snacks. I'll still be consuming the same amount of calories too I've worked out.

So if anyone is thinking about this plan I'd recommend they don't from my experience.


  • gaskgask Posts: 107
    Can someone just invent a magic pill instead. TAKE 1 &wake up a size 10?
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