Is it possible by 10th February

High everyone, it has just dawned on me that I now only have 7 weeks until my wedding (on 10th Feb).

I have been so preoccupied with planning my wedding and I have just got back from my best friends wedding in South Africa where I put on half a stone in 2 1/2 weeks due to all inclusive and now I am panicing.

I am 11 stone and want to loose 1 and half stone but would settle with 1 stone. I have never really dieted before, just cut back on the rubbish when I was feeling a bit podgy but I have left it so late now I am going to have to diet.

I joined weight watchers this week and basically want to know whether you guiys think I can realistically reach my goal in 7 weeks with xmas and a surpirse hen weekend inbetween??!!

Thanks xxx


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    Hey there,

    YES YES YES - this is totally possible but if you can get some help from a trainer - I only say this because you will get much better results if an expert tells you what to do and pushes you harder than you would yourself!

    If you look on the National register of personal trainers ( -i think) you may find one that will visit your home and be cheaper (if money is an issue) - roughly depending on where you live 10 sessions can cost between £200 and £400

    If you do go down this route though make sure they will set you a regime to do alone also and only see them once a week if thats all you can afford. Its well worth the investment as you can gain the knowledge for the future as well.

    If you dont want to go down that route you could try exercising alone but use a heart rate monitor that counts calories burnt (Boots sell them) this is quite motivating.

    If you are really strict food wise alone you can lose 2lbs a week so that would be a stone off.

    Let me know if you want any more info xx
  • I think it is!

    I joined weight watchers a month ago and have lost 16pound! Just stick to it and believe in yourself. I am eating better doing a bit more exercise and it's great to hear people tell you, you look great!

    Good Luck hun,

  • Thanks for all the support guys, you have definately made me feel a lot more positive!

  • I've got just over 6 weeks to lose ideally 10lbs before my final alterations - i'd say it's possible but you have to be really really strict with yourself - if you are dieting - i always tell myself that nothing tastes as good as thin feels! If you put in the work for this short amount of time you can treat yourself afterwards! def go with excercise too - you can do it!! let us know how you get on :0) x
  • Hiya

    Yes its possible! You'll have to be strict with yourself though!

    Be careful too.... dont make yourself ill

    Good luck! image xxxx
  • Good point by Tasha though, make sure you still eat healthily. Your health will show in your skin and you want that to be good too x
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