I have 6 months to go!!

Hello all

I have six months until my wedding and I am currently weighing in at 10.5lbs......... I would ideally like to be 9.7 stone by my wedding... is this acheivable? arrggghhhhhhhh has anyone else got a weightloss goal of around a stone?? x x x


  • Hi, of course it's achievable. I'm a great believer in just eating healthily, cut out the booze if you can and do plenty of exercise. At the moment I'm a fine one to talk, but when I set my mind on it I can lose weight reasonably easy. Sometimes it's hard when you go out for meals but if you give yourself small targets like losing a couple of pounds each week, or trying to fit into that dress that's just a bit too small, etc. it will keep you motivated. You can always go to a class like WW or Rosemary Conley but if that's not your thing either, try Weightloss Resources online. Basically you register with them and each day you fill in what you've eaten, drunk and done exercise-wise and it adds up calories burned, breaks down what you've eaten into protein, carbs, etc. and on those days when you've not done too well, you feel like somebody's watching you and it makes you feel bad so that the next day you're back on track again.

    Good luck with it, I will be doing the same thing shortly!

  • Hi i am in the same situation, the big day is on the 6th July and i want to lose a stone i have already lost a stone but finding this one really hard, i am so unmotivated at the moment - which is very annoying as i have no better reason to lose weight now!!

    Anyway it is very doable - i love Weight Watchers online.

    We can do it!!!
  • Arrrr thanks lovlies, I know I can do it, I just need to knuckle down and focus... I guess at this time of the year... healthy eating is not high on the priority list, I just know if I wake up on my wedding day and dont feel 100% confident I will be a bit sad!! x
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