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Any weight loss tips?


I am not getting married until next year but I have tried several different diets and nothing seems to work for me. I want to start toning up and losing weight as soon as possible.... it may sound silly but I don't feel comfortable going into shops and trying on dresses etc. Does anybody have any good tips and ideas???

Thanks xxxxx


  • If your no good at doing it yourself then I'd join a class or group. I personally dont like organised humiliation so I got the paul McKenna easy weight loss DVD and that helped me get into better eating habits. If you've got the time to do it then I'd recommend that because its not a diet its a new way of looking at food.

    Set small goals too and stick to them. I find looking at the big picture to scary to break it down and you'll do so well. Also set rewards for yourself for acheiving these goals. Nothing makes you walk that extra mile like a slice of choc cake waiting at home for you.

    Hope the weight falls off of you before your wedding.

  • i would try as many different types of classes as you can. not only will you work out different parts of body but you wont get bored. my trick is this. with our gym you have to pre book classes and you get charged if you cancel without 2 hours notice. so i have to go or i get charged.

    also when your there as there is so many other people that you end up comparing yourself to them. i.e. well if that old granny can a jump kick better or higher than me then it makes me put more effort in! both of these things helped when i first started and am addcited now as i do something every day!!

    also take your lunch with you to work, if you eliminate choice you won't be tempted. i don't cut out food groups but reduce amount of carbs etc. have cereal but no toast in morning. pitta breads are great for lunch as they are not too stodgy and have carbs to keep you going. they can be stuffed, with soup, spread hoummous on them toasted. take savory snack for morning like celery/ carrot/ cucumber sticks. fruit for afternoon snack. jellies are great for lunch, low calorie alternative to yoghurt.

    finally if you eat the five portions of fruit and veg a day you'r diet instantly becomes healthier. also teh body mimics thirst for hunger (it's easier for body to read hunger signals) so make sure you drink lots of water. cut down on sugary drinks and tea/coffee. i drink hot water with slice of lemon for nice alternative.

    hope you find something in the above to help!!
  • Hi,

    Its hard to lose weight but i joined slimming world it really did work...but i'm tip is...and it might sounded silly but drink pespi max because its suger free and gas makes you feel full its worked for me i've lost over a stone and i put most of it down to drinking pespi max!! and no i'm not mad. x
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