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Why cant I stick to my diet?

Im getting married in July. I ordered my dress in October and vowed to lose at least a stone before my first fitting in April. I was about 11 stone 7 pounds. Since then I have gone down to 11st 1lb but now back to 11st 4lbs. Whats wrong with me? This is the most important day of my life and I know Im not huge but why cant I have will power for once in my life and lose 10lbs? It cant be that hard. Anyone got any encouraging words? I want to be at least 10 stone something for July, HELP


  • That all sounds very familiar!!!

    I was 8st 2lb last summer and want to be 7st7lb to 7st 10lb for the big day. I have done it before, and my wedding day is the day i want to look back on and say, i did it and i looked perfect. It means so much to me, so why can't i be good?

    People keep telling me the weight will drop off towards the day with stress, but i eat when i'm stressed. Now 8st 2lb after gaining a few over christmas and losing them again.

    Really need to do it. Will never forgive myself otherwise.

    Good luck, you are not alone!!!


  • Hi mrsabbott

    I have the exact same problem. I get married in june and ordered my dress back in october 2006, as was originally getting married in november 2007. Instead of me losing weight I put on over a stone and an extra 5ins on my waist with that. Trying to get it all back off plus the few pounds I intended to lose to start with has been an absolute nightmare. I can't stick to anything, but I started the cambridge diet sunday and lost 5lbs in 5 days so that's pretty much motivated me to keep going, although I did have a break on friday and found it hard to readjust yesterday. I've got up today and am focused again.

    Take each day at a time, for me it makes it easier tell yourself your only dieting today, and do the same tomorrow and the next day and so on.

    Good luck
  • I've never been good at diets but try this as i find it easy to stick to - be really good and cut out crisps/ choc/ wine and high fat dairy during the week mon-fri. at the weekends allow yourself some treats (mine's wine or ice cream usually). This stops the constant craving for the things you are trying to deny yourself. Just don't go too mad on saturday! GOOD LUCK and don't punish yourself over minor slip ups - its alot easier when you happy and positive.
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    mrsabbott are you in a diet 'club'? I am NOT a great dieter, I know i'm over weight but didn't think it was so bad, i started Scottish Slimmers a few wks ago and for my 1st weigh in was SHOCKED to say the least! I go every wk cos if you don't go you still have to pay, i go with a few friends and it makes it SO much easier to stick too, you get their help and advice when you need it - a kick up the butt too if necessary!! lol I've lost half a stone since i started. It does cost money, £5.30 per class but i feel it's so worth it cos if i've had a bad wk i can talk it over with my m8s or the woman running the club and if i've had a great wk - i can tell them all!! image All good stuff.

    One thing i will say tho - if you fancy something - HAVE IT! If you deny yourself it, the craving will only get worse, not so bad with take-aways cos they're not in the house but biccies n crisps are! Buy healthier options - baked crisps rather than standard. Scottish Slimmers go on checks 25cals is 1 check, each weight group gets a set amount of checks, you get free fruit allowance - veg is all free, great for making soup! lol you can have yogurt free too. (I sound like an agent now haha)

    i can be emailed thru here if you fancy a blether or want to know anything else about SS, or i'll keep popping on here you can post it here!

    Good Luck, trust me, i know where ur coming from! xx
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