5ft 7 - how heavy??

I wonder if I can ask you ladies how much you weigh? I know people are different builds but just want to get a rough idea of what's normal-ish!! I'm 5ft 7 and weigh 10 stone 9 pounds and feel I should be thinner. I'm trying to get down to 9 & half stone but it's really hard!!!


  • Hey Pinknic!

    I'm also 5 ft 7 and am currently 10 stone 2. I was 11 stone 1 when I started on weight watchers just after xmas tho so it is slowly coming off. I want to get down to about 9 stone 5ish.

    It's not been too bad but I do def need to lose a little bit more as i still have a tummy!!

  • PinkNicPinkNic Posts: 856
    How did you do it? that's a great loss in a short time
  • Hi Pinknic, i am 5 ft 6 and currently weigh 9 st 121lbs, i joined slimming world at beginning of jan and weighed 10st 10, would like to be around 9st 7, hopefully will get there in the next couple of weeks as i had weigh in today and lost 3 1/2 this week, never ate so much in my life but it still keeps coming off, have you thought about ww or sw

    If you have any questions feel free to ask away

  • Have you tried working out your BMI (body mass index)? You have to convert everything to metres and kilograms, but basically it is your weight in kilos, divided by your height in metres, squared.

    Anything between 18 and 25 is healthy. I'm not sure exactly what your height and weight are in metric Pinknic but you are probably well within the healthy range.
  • NHS direct website do a BMI calculater and it tells you if you are in the healthy range. More importantly though it is how you feel whether you are comfortable or not.

  • Hi Im 5ft 7 and i weigh dead on 10 stone, really trying to get down to 9st 4, doing ww at the moment, id recommend it i lost 5lb in my first week x
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    Hi i am also 5ft 7 and my weight varies from 10 st 5 to 10st 8 - it really does depend on how your body is made up muscle/fat ratio etc.

    when i split with my ex i dropped to 9st 10 but i was really too thin

  • I'm roughly 9 and a half stone. I'm 5'6 and a half and a size 8/10. However, I think I must have a seriously small frame or something as nobody believes me (went for a physical in work last yr and the male nurse told me I had above average body fat After being accused of being too skinny all my life WTF??)! I'm in the lower range of normal for our height on BMI so all you ladies must be in the normal range too? Oooh sorry went off on a bit of a tangent...
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    I have no idea what I am in stones... am about 60kg most of the time, size 8 /10... pidgeon chested ha ha
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    OMG, you must all be about a size 8/10! I'm 5'7 and weigh 11 stone 13 pounds, and I am a perfect size 12. Being 5'7 and weighing anywhere in the 9 stone area is in the low BMI bracket. Remember to stay healthy too, not just thin. And be happy inside, thats the most attractive thing xo
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    hi ladies I am 5'7 and at the min 9st 10 but trying to get bak to 9, I have a slight frame and have put on a stone in the last year and developed thighs I never knew I had and certainly didn't want....my prob is I am too lazy to be bothered to lose weight and I love crisps.....yummmmy
  • Can I just also say that I have never dieted in my life, and always thought that I was too thin (am now happy the way I am). I am not striving to be a size 8 at my height, that's just the way I am. Sorry I am a bit defensive about this!
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    Hey chic! Well, i'm 5'7ft, weigh 10 stone 5 and am a size 10, but this is the smallest i've ever been as coz of my build i've always struggled to get under 11stone and smaller than a size 12. I think u cant just go by height, u have to go by build, as if i was to go down to 9 1/2 stone like some of u ladies wana do i'd probably look ill and be stick thin! I know people ask me now if i've been ill coz i've lost so much weight but its just thanx to buying my horse a year ago, i've lost 2 1/2 stone since then without dieting and its the best and most fun form of exercise ever! x
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    hi im 5ft 7 too

    i weigh 9stone.

    i work out like a mother !!!

    i walk all day at work. im a nurse and i dont eat after 5p.m.

    if a put on a bit i just cut my portion size down and work out even more . good luck with your weight loss.

    keep at it hugs jules
  • jules-xjules-x Posts: 458
    Laurz80, if you are happy that's what matters we all have our hang ups about weight.

    I have always wanted to be skinner and have a real issue with how much weight I have put on...I do have a unhealthy view of what looks good and sadly i have to admit that I would love to be victoria beckham skinny, more bones I can see the better I feel....can't change my mindset, have tried and tried for years but just can't.

    One good thing is I am aware of my unhealthy body ideal and as you can see from my weight I certainly do not follow my skinny obsession...
  • Hi Jules hope I didn't offend as I realise this was on the weight loss section, perhaps saw a slight about BMI where none was intended (I AM in the normal range, have done it loads of times as I am paranoid the other way!). Think I am like you, have a very small frame but you can grab a good wee bit of flab wherever you pinch me (esp belly, have a bit of a pot...) - but I quite like it having a bit of extra meat, having got slated for being a rake all my teenage years!x
  • jules-xjules-x Posts: 458
    no Laurz you didn't I was jus concerned by your comment. If i put on a few pounds you can notice the weight real fast on me. People pick on ya no matter what don't they. I was accused of not eating when I was at school and then in uni it led me not to eat as I was paranoid about putting on weight in my uni years as so many people had said I would load on the weight when I left home!! Oh the joys of being a paranoid woman...lol. Also have a sister in law who tells me every year that I am gona put on weight eventually, can't always be skinny minny! Lol, look whos having a moan....think I need some sleep now! x
  • Hi girls,

    Thought I'd add a bit too. I'm almost 5"8 and weigh 10st 3. I used to weigh 11st 7 and its taken over a year of yo yo dieting to get it off. I went down to 9st 10 when I split up with an ex a few years back and everyone said I looked ill so I think it definitely depends on your bone mass etc. If I weighed 9st like some of the girls on here of similiar heights I'd probably look anorexic so it must be down to more than similiar heights!! My friend is 4 inches shorter than me and we weigh the same and both wear a perfect size 12! I want to weigh 10st because I love the roundedness but the last 3 ponds just don't want to go....lol!! xx
  • I'm 5ft 7 and 11 stone 7ish at the mo but before I was 13st 7! Last time I lost a lot of weight I got down to 10st 13 and people said I looked thin then! Hoping to get to 10st 7 this time which would make me a size 10. Weird how we all vary when we're all around the same height!
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    I am 5 7 and my weight/dress size tends to vary from years of dieting. The lowest I have ever been is 9 stone 13 and I was a 10/12. The highest was 13st 1 and a size 16/18. At the moment I'm about 11st 12 and a size 14. I am aiming for 10st 13 for the wedding which would make me a size 12

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    I think we must shop in very different places as I am also 5"7 and I am a size 12, but I only weigh 9 and a half stone. Admittedly the padding I use to form what should be my bust doesn't weigh as much as real cleavage.

    If it helps. My hips are 38", my waist 28" and my bust 32". I am proper pear shaped.

    I decided that rather than try and lose weight to fit into my dress I would get the dress altered as I actually look healthy and any loss would have revealed my bones.

    PS don't try to shop in Topshop, according to their sizes I am a 14/16. Yeah right! I stick to Newlook and M&S where I fit the 12.

    Hope this all helps you.
  • stephanieahstephanieah Posts: 414
    I measured myself today and am 40 bust 30 waist and 41 hips. It's funny how weight varies. I am quite broad shouldered so think I have heavy bones (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)
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    5'7 and 13stone 3 size 16. my friend is 5'8 and 9 stone size 8
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    i'm 5'6 - currently size 18 and weigh just under 14 stone. i used to be a lot thinner and at 10 stone i looked amaciated and ill, but my bum and hips were still a size 12/14. it's what you feel comfortable at and look best at - i'm dieting to get to 11 stone, as i feel that's what my frame looked best at, i was curvy but looked right! xx
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    I am 5' 7 and currently weigh 10st 8lb which is a 12 in most shops and within the healthy bmi range so am happy. I have been 15 stone+[stopped weighing myself at that point] and have been 9 stone 12 but that was way too skinny for me! I stopped battling against food all the time and i have settled at this weight now. I think the more you worry about it the harder it is to be happy no matter what you weigh. So as someone else said there isnt a perfect weight it just the weight you feel happiest at. lol. x
  • I think you've also got to remember that you might be 5'7" but different builds! There's no set weight that someone of our height should be, it depends on lots of different factors. At the end of the day, the weight you should be is the weight you feel happy at.

    I've been 15st+ and that was about a 20, and right now I'm about 12st and I'm a 14, which is comfy to me. I'm never going to get below that, and that's fine by me. I'm not built to be 10st and a size 10.

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    I'm 5'7 and a size 12 and weigh around 10 stone 4lb at the mo - measurements 36 chest, 28 waist and 37 hips. I would ideally like to get down to 9'7 for the wedding which is a weight I was really happy at as its slim but still got some muscle tone, anything under that I start to look scrawny.

    I think it really does depend on frame and muscle/ fat ratio, everyone is built so differently and different weights suit different people. Some people suit a size 8, some a size 16, its about finding the weight that's right for you. xxx
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    Hi Girls

    I feel really bad now as I am in between 5ft 7 and 5ft 8 and I weigh just over 12 stone. Although I am trying my hardest to start losing the weight before my big day. I'd like to go down to about 10 and a half stone. But mine is about 45% on my tummy as i only had my son a year ago so it's trying to lose the baby fat i've accumulated.

    I've tried Slimming World i started there in October and i've only lost just over half a stone which I think is pretty pathetic. Any ideas on how i can shift this weight without starving myself?
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    Hi KittyKel06, the only advice can give is what I've been doing lately - make sure you have braekfast (this has stopped me craving chocolate about 10am at work!), eat smaller portions and exercise as much as you can. I measured and weighed myself on Sunday 24th Feb and my waist was 33 inches and I weighed 10st 9. I measured myself yesterday (doing it in weekly stages) and I'm 10stone 7 but I've dropped down to 32inch waist - never thought I could lose an inch in a week!

    Alot of ladies on this thread have said it all depends on your build - which I agree with. I want to get to 9stone 7 but not sure whether i'll look good or not - I'm size 34D bra size so don't want to look top heavy (and I suppose they add to my weight too!)

    I used to eat alot of pasta and I've cut alot out and with exercise have found I have more energy. I'm only walking my dog for 30-45mins every week night which i'm going to turn into jogging next week as I'm doing race for life in May!

    I read something that alot of people said helps when it comes to exercise - make a date with yourself in your diary where you have to exercise and try and stick to that as best you can - I know it must be tough to stick to when you have children as they take up all of your time. hope that helps a little
  • Kelly06uk1Kelly06uk1 Posts: 244
    Hi Pinknic

    I guess I had never thought about that side of things, well my bra size is about 38d so i guess that is where some of the weight is as well. I mean i want to tone up so i dont have my belly but i dont want to lose too much of my bust. I dont mind a few inches
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