Slim Fast

Has anyone tried it and does it actually work? I am considering it but am worried that I enjoy eating too much to be content with just 'shakes'

Corinna x


  • jjaggerjjagger Posts: 10

    I've never tried slimfast but i have tried slimming world. it really works and you can eat loads even chips!

    I did it ages ago but i'm going to do it again now that i have something to slim for. The gym membership is going to get renewed too!
  • Emma_GiffordEmma_Gifford Posts: 1,589
    slim fast is good if you want to lose a couple of pounds in a week but not long term eating healthy and excercise is the way to go

    the GI diet is good - basically cutting out anything processed or to sugary
  • Joey0810Joey0810 Posts: 537
    I brought some of the slim fast shakes and soup as it was on offer.......for me they tasted foul! That put me off straight away! So I am going to stick tp the eating healthy and exercising regime!!
  • I've tried slimming world, I find the weekly weigh-ins a dis-incentive (if that's a word) I hated every minute.

    I have been following a healthy eating/exercise plan for a couple of years now and for the past 6 months have stuck at one weight which I cannot shift. HELP!!!!!

    (Thanks Piggy, I thought that was how they'd taste!)
  • StarsukStarsuk Posts: 148
    Hi colligreen,

    If you are going to try slimfast i would recommend getting the ready to drink cans rather than the stuff you mix yourself. Try strawberry and chocolate flavours as i agree that most of the others are nasty tasting! i have done slimfast for an odd month here and there and if you stick to it it does work but it is no good long term and i would recommend perhaps doing it for a month now to see if it works and then do another month just before your wedding as a last ditch attempt. If you think you will miss eating then try some of the snack bars (the choc and caramel ones are yummy).

    If you combine any diet with exercise then you should loose weight - if like me you hate the thought of public humiliation in a gym why don't you try a dvd at home - i can really recommend Davina McColl's.

    Good luck

  • I tried slim fast but as previosly said its o.k to loose a few pounds on but not worth it long term. I have tried slimming world but stalled at a certain weight.

    I'm now on weight watchers and instead of going to the meetings I bought weight watchers scales and do it at home. Me and h2b every monday night out come the scales and he writes my weight on my chart so I have instant support from him which is much better than some middle aged woman say " what do you think went wrong for you this week?"

    Remember no diet will work without exercise.
  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    i would reccomend weight watchers....

    for more long term solution...slim-fast is good and if you stick to it, it has great success!

    i lost a stone in 3weeks,but have put that back on gradually image

    slimfast was good for me as im not very good at eating in the the readymade shakes are good,so i will still buy them for that reason!

    boots on line are very good for bulk buys of slimfast products.....and yes stars you are right! the caramel bars are very tastey!!

    Jo x

  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    I've tried and it did work but onky for a short burst, i'm going to try it a couple of months before the wedding to keep the weight off
  • I've heard lots of scare tactics about slimfast, but they are from my Mum, who is always trying to get me to eat 'sensible'...that doesn't count.

  • Tiguk1Tiguk1 Posts: 10

    i've had good results with slim fast, i stared in February (before we had even set the wedding date), and this year I have lost almost 3 stone.

    I found it easy to stick to because there is no wondering what you can/can't eat, no point counting etc. I think the shakes are nice but really dont taste anything like strawberry or chocolate. although the slim fast hot chocolate drink is really nice on a cold morning.

    I want to lose another stone maybe a bit more before our wedding at the end of May.

    H2B did it for 2 months too and lost over a stone! he's going to do it again before the wedding, he says he doesn't want to have to breath in on the photo's!!!

    I'm hoping that because the weight has come off slowly it will stay off.

    Good luck everyone!!
  • rfbreenrfbreen Posts: 412
    A few years ago I tried slim fast and it really worked for me. The biggest drawback was that after a few weeks I had little energy and once I began eating normally again, I put weight on very quickly. I definitely agree with jinxy, it's not good long-term. I've only managed to keep weight off through regular exercise and healthy eating.

    Some advise about the shakes, if you use your blender to mix them with a banana they taste much better and keep you full longer.

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  • So tough but its worth trying!
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