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Weight loss is possible! Though hard.

Hi all,

Just to give some encouragement (because goodness knows I need so much of it myself) it is possible to shift the weight!

I had gotten really bad at exercising and eating well, and my weight had increased almost without my realising.

Anyhow, I finally found the confidence from somewhere to join a fitness class at the start of this year (before I got engaged) and I have now lost over two and a half stone!

It is hard, forsaking things you love, and writing down everything you eat, which is what i've done for a lot of the year. But it has shown me that if you put a certain amount in, and do a certain amount, you can lose weight, it really isn't impossible.

There are weeks when things go wrong etc and you just have to keep going - easier said than done, but if you've had some success then you know deep down it's worth it.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'll ever be a particularly low weight, I am pear-shaped and curvy and have to accept it, however it's good to feel healthier and to be able to go back into other clothes shops (although still hate choosing clothes - except wedding dresses lol!) etc.

I've done it on the rosemary conley classes, mainly cos I wanted to go to a local exercise class without having to sign up to a gym, but you can get weighed too and get a bit of encouragement and eating tips too.

Well I always have my worries and indecisions so I thought I would post something very positive for a change!

Princess Sparkle x

PS I forgot to add, now i have the added incentive of getting married!!

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  • well I hope I can inspire others to stick with it, perhaps some of us on here could support each other?

    I still have two or so stone to lose and get stuck at times.
  • I agree, i think we could all help each other to try to lose weight, maybe weekly weigh ins to help motivate us or something similar.

  • emmabuk1emmabuk1 Posts: 127
    Good for you Princess!!

    I know what you mean- I put on almost two stone a year ago when I was going through a bit of a crisis and eating terribly (oops!!) but I didn't even really notice because I never weighed myself, and it's not the sort of thing your friends point out!! So when I eventually got on the scales I was devastated!! I weighed 9.5 stone, which doesn't sound like a lot but I've got a tiny frame (only 5.1ft tall) and used to be just over 7 stone, so this was a big weight gain for me. But after looking at some photos I took of me in my munderwear (which really does help to remind you of all your flaws, and push you when you feel like giving up) I started eating healthier again, and went back to the gym. I'm now at just under 8stone and very proud!!

    So, keep going girls, I'm definately up for a weekly weigh in...

    Em xx
  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474

    I had posted a message through the week about getting together for a weigh in once a week. There was lots of positive interest.

    We had planned to report our weight loss (or gain!) every monday. I think its changed to a friday now so I will get weighed tomorrow just in case. :\)

    Shelley xxx

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  • Congrats emma.b!

    Lost over 3 pounds this week, that's my best for a while.

    Have got a goal to have lost 3 stones by xmas....
  • em28ukem28uk Posts: 44
    i need to lose a stone glad i'm not the only one ,two of my friends are getting married next year as well but neither are overweight so felt a bit of a porker!!!!!!!!
  • emmarayukemmarayuk Posts: 2,591
    Princess Sparkle well done. I know how hard it is, i'm on the larger side. I've had lots of troubles over the last few years and tend to comfort eat so have lot larger. Buying clothes is just hell and girly shopping is out of the question cause I dont' want people to see my size. I've started a diet now and lots 1???? stone but aim to lose about another 5 stone. Well tht would be nice but still not sure if I'm strong enough.

    Looking forward to and dreading putting my weight down on this weigh in. Never told anyone my weight except my current weigh person at my class. Hoping to all get motivated though. Will be on the weigh in tomorrow so hopefully see some of you there.


  • emmabuk1emmabuk1 Posts: 127
    well done ducky!!

    i think that writing your weight down sometimes helps- cos if you feel ashamed of it, it motivates you to do something about it.

    taking a photo of me in underwear really did help - everytime i thought about snuggling up on the sofa with a box of choccies and glass of wine, i'd look at the photo and it would upset me so much that i'd head off the gym instead! i think facing up to it is definately the first step...

    anyway, don't worry - we're all here cos we wanna loose weight so there's nothing to be embarassed about!!

    em xx
  • Well said emma, we'll all stick together and tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of our lives.

    Cant wait for my weigh in and the motivation doing it will give me.

  • emmarayukemmarayuk Posts: 2,591
    Thanks em, I know your right, just a bit scary.

    See you all tomorrow then.

  • Joey0810Joey0810 Posts: 537
    I seem to lack motivation to go to the gym! I did the induction about 6 months ago and havent been since! Anybody know how long at the gym and how often before the pounds start to drop off?!1

    To all those who have lost weight by going down the gym..I need the encouragement from you!! x
  • Hi Everyone,

    I know what you mean about the chocolates and wine, Emma B...

    I have cut alcohol out completely, which has made a big difference.

    My partner is very supportive; we don't have crisps, cakes, chocolates etc in the house which I imagine would be difficult for B2B with families. When referring to my weight gain he says,"There's more of me to love." I would rather there wasn't quite so much of me!!

    Good luck to everyone trying to lose weight this week,


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