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Back Fat?

Hi girls.

I have recently put on a stone and a half due to that silly depo injection. It made me really ill and finally after 11 months I have had my first period ( it's been 3 weeks and still counting :\( ) I have managed to drop half a stone in that time but due to being large chested I store fat around my back.

Any tips besides general cardio on losing from that problem area?

Many thanks

Tan x


  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I have exactly the same prob - someone told me there is no one exercise that can make you lose your back fat but just general weight loss will do it.

    I have a hula hoop and think the momentum of that has helped me to lose some back fat or tone my back. Also doing cross over sit ups and arm weights in the gym etc.

    Well done on losing half a stone - I have jus managed to lose the same amount with WW and only have 8lbs to go until I am my wedding weight lol.

  • doodleukdoodleuk Posts: 175
    I dunno...I dont think there is any one thing you can do. Rowing maybe to work the shoulders and back muscles? Fat with definition? image I have the exact same problem (not helped by the 400 easter eggs I've just eaten in a 24 hour period!!). My solution?? My photographer is good at airbrushing and I will be "tucking" my fat round the sides of my dress when I do it up so it wont be so noticable. I hope!!

    Try the rowing machines though....might work.

  • sixpenceuksixpenceuk Posts: 219
    hiya, aim to increase your heart rate ie get out of breath in any way you like (!) at least 3-4 times a week for at least 20 mins. Drink loads of water, up your protein, lower your carbs, particularly after 5pm. Also do back extension exercises-

    so lie on your front looking down just below your nose so that you have a straight neck. Place your hands at either sides of your head by your ears and looking down. use your lower back muscles to rise up from the floor (just head and shoulders and top of chest)DO NOT LET YOUR LEGS/BUM DO THE WORK! when you reach the top exhale and then (still looking down) squeeze your "wings" back so your shoulder blades move together. Slowly lower yourself down and repeat x12 for 2 sets. Do this everyday if you can. With the cardio and diet you should see increased tone. Also try 3/4 press ups- so leaning on the parts of you thighs above your knees and doing wide arm press ups on floor this way. Hope that helps- prob not v well explained but worth about £5 of my time as a personal trainer! he he! good luck hon

  • Hi ladies,

    Thank you for the advise. I will give them a try. I have to be very careful with my lower back due to a car accident but i will try my best x
  • may99999may99999 Posts: 31


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