appeal for june 09 weightloss buddies

im a size 14 - 16 im 12 1/2 stone ish and i would like to be a size 10 and a lesser weight preferably 10 stone to 10 1/2. i live in the bury area. advise greatfully welcome papillion xx image


  • 9lundyhouse9lundyhouse Posts: 577
    hello... I'm a size 16 at the moment and 13 stone. I'm trying to lose weight for June 09 as well. My current plan is to start cycling as I never get exercise at the moment. I've been cycling every other night with my h2b and its amazing how unfit I's definately gonna help somehow. My h2b lost his stomach weight which he now has back when he was cycling everywhere before he passed his driving test.

    I also have a wii so have wii fit on pre-order which comes out end of this month. It does proper fitness exercises and you can put in your goals etc. Tests prove it does help you to lose weight so highly looking forward to using that aswell as cycling.

    I may also start swimming as thats brilliant exercise. I'm hoping to be a size 12 but I won't mind if I'm a happy healthy 14 as I was quite happy being a size 14!

    Good luck!
  • nat632000nat632000 Posts: 47
    Hello girls,

    Thought I would join you on this chat.

    I am also a June 09 bride... also a size 14-16 (more 16 at moment after week on holiday!)image weigh 12 stone 8 at the mo and want to get down to about 11 stone for the wedding.

    Would be great to stay in touch with how you are getting on!

    I've been doing loads of swimming which I LOVE and bought myself an underwater MP3 player which is helping with the motivation (nothing like a bit of 80's cheese to keep you going!) image

    Anyway, good luck girls and keep us updated.

  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    well i have lost half an inch of my sides woop woop, go me.

    where do you live natalie hall 2b?


  • nat632000nat632000 Posts: 47
    Hello again

    1/2 an inch....thats bloody fantastic! well done! I'm away with work at the moment (in Dublin) so will find out on Friday morning when I get back how this week has been! (prob not so good as having to eat out in hotels!)

    I actually live in Scotland, little village called Dunblane.

    Shame its not closer to Bury as it would be great to have a slimming buddy close by... think I might drag a mate along with me to some of the exercise classes etc she is being a bridesmaid for her sister a month after our wedding so she will be on the weight loss war path as well.

    Do you have anyone to take with you for extra motivation to classes? If not you will certainly get the support on here from me! image

    After reading some threads on here I am also considering some hypnosis. Not because I want a quick fix (although that would be nice) but its supposed to help you change the way you think about food. Worth a try I think.

    I will keep you posted on how it goes! image

  • carlym1985carlym1985 Posts: 625
    Hi Ladies,

    Sorry to butt in!!

    I am also marrying in June 09 and at the moment i feel like ive hit a brick wall with the weight loss!!

    Do you ladies fancy another buddy?? xx
  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    the more the merrier what are your goals and your present status


  • carlym1985carlym1985 Posts: 625
    Thanks papillion!!

    Im currently 5ft10, weighing 12 stone 12 and a size 14.....i really want to get down to 11 1/2 stone if i can, im finding it hard at the moment though!!.....are you going to any slimming classes or anything??

  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    nope im doing this through callenetics (i talk about that alot!!) healthy eating the special k diet aerobics and dance classes. i dont like things like swimming world i wouldn't be able to stand up in front of everyone and tell them how much i weighted noooooooooo thats my idea of a night mare but if anyone else can do it good on them. so where do you live?


  • carlym1985carlym1985 Posts: 625
    I live in Dorset, I have been going to Weight Watchers, and was doing really well before Xmas - lost 10lbs in 2 months which i was chuffed with but since then ive just either stayed the same or put on then lost....i have NO motivation what so ever!! How are your wedding plans going??

  • Hi there i wouldn't mind joining you ladies.

    I'm getting married in Cyprus june 2009 i'm 5"5 and weigh 11 stone 8

    I joined slimming world a month ago and have already lost 12lbs so i'm really pleased.

    I've been going to spin classes and when i find some motivation I want to start running.

    Oh papillion you dont have to tell people your weight at slimming world, but i don't like staying to the classes so I get where your coming from there.
  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    hi girls sorry about that had to go to the bank anyhoo. motivation is most certainly the key to weight loss i don't DO diets because it seems to me that when you stop doing the diet you tend to put more weight on the special k thing ill stick at cause the cerial is well nice image doing dance classes is one of the best ways to lose weight hip hop is a full body work out in itself so have no fear of just ringing up your nearest dance studio and asking about it. my MOH is a big girl and we will be doing dance classes together. welcome naughtynats xx


  • carlym1985carlym1985 Posts: 625
    Do you ladies think those home workout DVD's are any good? - i dont think i could go to a class to excersise but fancy doing it at home....not sure which DVD to get though...there are hundreds!! xxxxx
  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    try a full areobic dvd but don't be dishertaened if you have to stop half way through. im going to be trying to find a callenetics VHS you lose inches instead of pounds but combining that with aerobics you can get to the size and weight you want and maybe even less plus with callenetics you can keep at the same size by just doing the same routine for 10 minutes everyday


  • Hi Papillion,

    I'm a 14 and wanting to slim down for june 2009,

    Although I must admit a sudden breakthrough and appreciation for my body, I still need to trim a few edges for next year.

    When do we REALLY need to start? I started a diet in jan in my excitment of getting married, then I got quickly bored and missed the alchohol.

    At first I wanted to slim down to a 10 and take in my dress (aready a 14) now I think I'll just slim enough to fit the dress really comfortably, be myself and enjoy the wine lol.

    I've really been no use here have I?

    LOL Big girls you are beautiful!
  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    hee hee hunny i have been trying to ditch the flab for quite some time now because of serious problems with my back and knees. where do you live. if you live near manchester we could meet up and go jogging together or summat although i don't really llike jogging so we could maybe just do a work out DVD at my place if you like. any time is the best time to start getting rid of the hand bag as i call it but i have been trying for sometime because i put on so much weight in 1 year,


  • Hi ladies,

    been for m weekly weigh in and I lost half a pound, which i am actually quite pleased with coz i've been a greedy little so so this week.

    How is everyone doing?

    As for the fitness dvds try and get ones that have proper instructors on them (like the divina ones) they are much better than the celebrity only ones.

    I'm a qualified gym instructor and would say the best way to tone up and keep motivated is to choose something you really enjoy doing!

    I've just signed up for an 8k run so now i've got some motivationto start running again.
  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    good for you well done, wish i could lose half a pound

    well done


  • julz5483julz5483 Posts: 2,633
    hi folks,

    god where to start, well i'm jules from south lanarkshire. 3yrs ago i was a 16 13 st & very happy with my body (big frame & very big chest) then myself & h2b moved intogether. since then piled the weight on. joined scot slimmers 2007 weighing in at 17st 3lbs. managed to get down to 15st 10lbs but currently sitting bout 16st.

    totally lacking motivation. i find excercise really difficult as 1st really big boobs & now so so unfit. i'm doing the race for life this yr for cancer research & huff & puff doing 5k walk.

    plus just my luck been refered to physio for back & hip was in car accident last yr, long story.

    feeling bit sorry for myself.

    i need some weight loss buddies, can i be your friend


    wedding: 19th June 09 - fat bride is coming
  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    hi hun i haven't been on for a while but hello and welcome you are more than welcome to join in with us june 09 ladies if you have facebook. e-mail me and i will give you my name and addy and i will chat to you.

    that goes for everyone else to

    much love LET'S BE LOSER'S


  • I'm A LOSER!

    just been for my weekly weigh in and lost 2 punds, and i am very pleased with myself.

    How are you all doing ladies? Are the wedding plans coming along well. I just found my bridesmaid shoes and they were in the sale so I'm having an allround good week
  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    well done you. im no where fast with my weight unfortunately. so keep up the good work babe


  • nat632000nat632000 Posts: 47
    Hello girls,

    Sorry been meaning to say hi to all the June 09 Losers for a few days now!Glad to hear everyone is doing well...

    Things ok this end... have finally got my motivation back after a week of sitting infront of the TV too much and clearing Tesco's wine aisle on Friday and Saturday night! image

    Pleased to report weight loss to date is....3lb's! Not so bad considering the lack of motavation!

    Wish I could lose the lb's on the scales as quickly as we are losing the £'s for the wedding costs! ha ha

    Anyway, hope you all have a good week and keep us all posted on progress.

    Nat x
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