Slimming World buddies

Hiya, I go slimming world at the moment, not got loads to lose but trying to lose a stone before August, how is everyone else getting on?



  • Hi, I'm also going to Slimming World. Lost 1st 2lb up to now but I have another 1st 4lb to loose before wedding in August.

    It's soooo hard at the minute. x
  • Hi,

    I'm following the slimming world diet but not going to classes as I only want to lose about half a stone! I'm also getting married in August x
  • does anyone have an old slimming world book or intro pack they dont want or would swap?

    id love to try the diet but dont understand it! and i cant really afford to go to classes
  • Hi FutureMrsHolt

    Have you thought off going on the slimming world web site.I been going to slimming world nearly year now and ive lost 1st half and i just lost another 2lb this week am getting marryed on 18th july 2009 i find my wedding dress on friday and am going back today to try it on again but my chefbridemaid is coming with me this time.Slimming world is easy once you try it at the moment it only a £5 to join that £4.50 every week but i do understand you afford it if you want some help you can email me and ask questions
  • Ive been going to slimming world for three months and ive lost 1st 1/2lb, want to lose another 7lbs to get to my target. I get married on the 2nd June. Really need to lose the weight in the next couple of weeks because my next dress fitting is the 30th April. The website is really good I use it to find recipes and to track my progess, its nice to see the line on the chart going down xx
  • sarnydeesarnydee Posts: 107
    I started going to Slimming World at the end of January. I wanted to lose 1st 5 lb for my wedding on 8th July. So far I've lost 9lb and have been pretty inconsistent with the loss, staying the same for 4 weeks, then putting a pound on! I've recently started running and lost 2lb last week. Haven't had a very good week this week, had 2 nights out and had a Subway lunch in London on Saturday when shopping for my H2B's wedding trousers, but I'll go along tomorrow and get weighed and take it from there. Just want to lose this last 10lb!!!
  • sam447979sam447979 Posts: 83
    Hi, i started slimming world in October last year and have lost 2 stone 2 lbs so far, any other slimming world buddies near Hastings?
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