body wrap

anyone ever had one? heard they're pretty good and not too expensive




  • daniellekukdaniellekuk Posts: 313
    I had one a few years ago and lost precisely zero inches and about £75 for the privilege so I think they're a waste of money personally. However someone else may have had a better result. Good luck!
  • bellelouisebellelouise Posts: 896
    a work colleague uses them and said there very good i was thinking of getting one thats been on gmtv
  • melowdiemelowdie Posts: 219
    There great but to see results you've gotta make it a regular thing!
  • lush224lush224 Posts: 562 New bride
    I had one body wrap and lost several inches. I am a size 12 so not huge and the wrap definitely gave me a slimmer body temporaily! Only last a few days though but I'd definintely have another one for a special ocassion and they leave your skin really soft. A course is meant to be even better. If you're a size 10 or below I don't expect they'd work very well though!
  • bellelouisebellelouise Posts: 896
    i had a trial last week just thighs and lost 1/2 inch and i will now be doing the gmtv one this thursday for my wedding on saturday so will let you know how it goes
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