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THE 2008 NEW YOU CHALLENGE....week 28!

Wow..week 28!!!!

Good luck we go again....


Tick Tock Tick Tock.....Countdown to the weddings of....




BRIDE OF THE WEEK........ **** KIRSTY ****

ooooh dum dum di dum....Wishing you all the luck in the world for Friday, relax and enjoy, you are the most important woman in the room, and the most attractive, have a wonderful, magical and romantic day....oooh 4 more days until married bliss....woohoo!!!!

what time is your ceremony Kirsty?


MARRIED ON....04/04/08!!!!


Wedding date....30 MAY 2008


Wedding date....21 JUNE 2008 @ 3PM


MARRIED ON....19/01/08!!!!


Wedding date....22 AUGUST 2009


MARRIED ON.... 19/04/08!!!!


Wedding date....14 JUNE 2008 @ 2 PM


Wedding date....13 SEPTEMBER 2008 @ 11 AM


Wedding date....27 SEPTEMBER 2008


Wedding date....11 APRIL 2009 @ 2.30 PM


MARRIED ON 14/03/08!!!!


Wedding date.... 26 JULY 2008


Wedding date....22 AUGUST 2008 @ 12 NOON


Wedding date ....25 APRIL 2008 @ 2 PM


MARRIED ON....12/02/08!!!!


Wedding date....27 SEPTEMBER 2008

Krugie...(will be returning soon)

Wedding date....7 JUNE 2008


Wedding date....20 SEPTEMBER 2008 @ 2PM

Eeeek...+ 1 1/2lb

MARRIED ON 15/03/08!!!!

Bear 1407....-1lb

Wedding date....9 AUGUST 2008


Wedding date....30 AUGUST 2008 @ 1PM (FINNISH TIME)....11am/UK


MARRIED ON.... 22/02/08!!!!


Wedding date....14 JUNE 2008


Wedding date....11 APRIL 2009

Mrs Davidson2b...

Wedding date....4 APRIL 2009 @ 11.30 AM


Wedding date....12 JULY 2008


MARRIED ON 28/03/08!!!!


Wedding date....29 AUGUST 2008

My fairytale....-3 1/2lb

Wedding date....7 JUNE 2008

Bo_ lady....

Wedding date....5 JULY 2008


Wedding date....3 MAY 2008 @ 2.30 PM


Wedding date....


Wedding date...6 JUNE 2009

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  • MrsM2BMrsM2B Posts: 1,040
    *Comes running in to big empty room...Hellloooooooo! anyone in there?!*

    he he he

    I've never been the first to post on here...just an early one from me...I've maintained, but think that is due to muscle and TOTM!

    Hopefully will see a loss next week....must dash as I'm working early today to get some things tied up and then its back to court for me he he he!

    Good Luck ladies....

    Caroline- congratulations on being a married lady now!

    Kirsty......if we don't speak before GOOD LUCK hope you have a fabulous already sounds like you have impeccable taste with your colour scheme...brown and pink....with cream...hmmm sounds familiar! imageimage

    In all seriousness, have a wonderful wonderful day xx
  • DarkHor5eDarkHor5e Posts: 885
    Morning!!! im up earlier then i would be if i was going to work LOL!!

    i have lost 1lb which is great, means i see the 10st mark on the scales (only very very just) but still!image

    im very excited, a few things to do but just keep dancing round the room! thank you for those words AR, mean a lot xx

    my ceremony is 2pm on Friday.

    thanks missymoo... is that your colour scheme to? im hoping it all comes together as i have lots of shades of brown etc :\?

    good luck with the weigh in everyone.

  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    I have put on 0.5lb which I am ok with because I had TOTM so had a little bit of chocolate booooo naughty me. Back on the wagon today though and my dancing lessons start back up on Thursday.

    WOW Kirsty this is it your last week as a single women x x x

    How exciting really enjoy it and remember to take sometime to relax. Good luck with all the last minute plans x x x

    Good luck with the weigh in ladies and well done Missy Moo and Kirstyv got your loss x
  • Wow, MissyMoo you were up early. That is great to maintain at TOTM.

    Kirstyv, Oh my goodness you get married this week. I am SO excited for you. I think your colour scheme sounds fabulous, really luxurious. 2pm on Friday, we will all think of you. My only advice for your day is stop and look around every once in a while and have a little private moment with your husband even if it is only 5 min. x

    Who cares about just being able to see 10st, you can see it which means you have done fabulously.

  • MattjaggMattjagg Posts: 518
    Kirsty!!! How are you feeling? I hope things are coming together now and you are feeling better.

    I would say lets go for that drink but I am broke and you are manic with the run up (I am sure), so lets say when you are a married women and then you can relive it all again by telling me all about it - OK.

    Good news everyone......

    I have lost 2lbs!!! My first real loss since the new year. I didn't feel fed up at all when making my salad for lunch this morning.

    Now on a more serious note, I am going to need all your help soon. I can foresee my mood changing drastically and the need to comfort eat is coming very soon.

    My sister is extremely ill, she is having chemo as you know but it really is knocking her for six. The tumor that she had removed a few weeks ago has spread so she is going to have another operation 1 week before the wedding. She will be too ill to make it to the wedding and I am cut up about it. I spent all weekend with her and the girls and I have never cleaned up so much sick in all my life. I shaved her head because it was coming out in clumps. I had to reassure her girls that she is going to fight it all the way and if she does die then they will be looked after and loved and told everyday how much their mummy loved them - which absolutely broke my heart.

    H2B and I had a massive fight over it (he is scared that if she dies then we will have to look after the girls and he doesn't want that because he wants children of his own - long story actually) to the point where I threw my engagement ring at him and told him to shove it as this is my baggage and if he cant handle it then what is the point in carrying on. I drove off in a rage to my sisters and missed a few calls from him (I was too busy cleaning up sick) he then panicked and drove to my sisters where we had it out (outside in the rain) and he said that he couldn't let me go and if this is my baggage then he will help me carry it. (only once I reassured him that my other sister will have the girls if she dies).

    Sorry for the rant everyone, I thought I best put you all in the picture as I am going to need a lot of help over the next 54 days.
  • Cooper, do not apologise for the rant. We're here for you. My Mum had cancer 4 years ago so I know how hard chemo can be. Thankfully my Mum came out the otherside. You must try and not fall out with H2b, taking on someone elses kids is a huge thing to do and hopefully the conversation was completely unnecessary, but I appreciate why you had to have it.

    Thinking of you. x
  • Cooper my heart goes out to you, let it all out. We are all here to help you whenever you need us. You are in my thoughts.

    Kirsty..... I can't believe it is ur week.... so so SO exciting?! How are all the final bits coming together?! How are you feeling this week?! I am so excited for you !!image

    Flipflops... how are you feeling now?

  • MrsDavidson2b, I feel a bit of a misery talking about me. I am not better, if anything worse. Have called the hospital. I think I just have cabin fever.

  • Oh honey.... hopefully the hospital can help you out. I hope you are resting lots and taking it really really easy.... Being stuck in all day is not pleasant at all. Hope you are being spoilt and well looked after. xxx hugs xxxx
  • Ah thanks.

    H is being great but he is back at work today. Although when he isn't here I can watching all the TV shows he won't watch *giggle*

  • bear1407bear1407 Posts: 322
    Aww, cooper hope everything is going to be ok. My heart goes out to you.

    Kirsty how you feeling? If i dont speak to you before friday have a brilliant day.

    1lb loss for me this week
  • ArransRoseArransRose Posts: 1,199

    well done to those who lost or maintained this week....I have lost absolutely nothing this week, I can, and can't understand if that makes sense, I have struggled but didn't eat forbidden foods, probably just bigger portions of healthier options, was so hungry this week!

    WILL make more of an effort this week, so no smiley face for me today.

    Kirsty, I am so excited for you..Friday will be here in a flash, I'll certainly be thinking of you at 2pm. I hope the sun shines on you, once again, wishing you every happiness!

    Cooper, chat on here as often as you need to. What a strong woman you are, and you and h2b are experiencing a stressful time right now, so pleased you can communicate with each other, its a very important part of a successful relationship. You and your sister are in my thoughts. My father in law is currently on a course of chemotherapy, I do understand.

    I was watching Peter and Katie the other night..I was never a fan of Jordan, but I recently read one of her books, and she changed my opinion of her.... anyway, Peter Andre made a thought provoking comment, he said (after they had a row)...their marriage, and love for one another is bigger than any arguments they have!...good point Mr Andre, must remember that line, when Mr AR and I have our first married squabble! LOL

    Didn't get our photo shoot, as the weather wasn't good yesterday, in fact it was really windy and freezing outside....BUT BUT BUT...I do have in my hands a disc from the chemist, (collected this morning!!!!) that has a couple of wedding pics on it, well I say wedding, they are a rushed frantic 'someone grab a camera, and take a pic before we jump into the car, or we'll miss the ferry' kind of photo...

    ANYWAY..i don't have a clue how to post the pics, how I choose them from the disc etc, I've got lots of pics put on the disc of Arran building a snowman, playing in the park etc etc, I don't want to post 60 pics and somewhere in there is a wedding can anyone HELP ME?????

    Will be out this afternoon, but if anyone can type some guidelines, I'll have a go later this evening....don't hold your breath, it might not work LOL

    Bellelouise, how are you...ooh exciting times ahead. I typed a long email to you last night, and it 'got returned' hoo, I'll try again later.

    Will chart your results before I go out.

    BE GOOD *note to self...take own advice* LOL

  • ArransRoseArransRose Posts: 1,199
    Flipflops..just relax, put your feet up, take advantage of this 'resting time' on docs orders, and get better soon. Tune into some daytime tv..some of it is unbelievable!!!!! LOL I hope hubby hurries home from work and pampers you!
  • Ah thanks AR. I am watching what H would call pish (crap). It is a fabulous 'rom com'. I never watch films but thought this would make me stay in one place.

    I'll email you about putting up pics x
  • WattersonukWattersonuk Posts: 429
    Ladies i really need to know when my luck is going to change - my poor h2b had a fall on Friday night thought he'd sprained his ankle - sent him to bed with a bag of frozen peas on his foot!! he ended up having a fit early saturday morning due to the pain of his foot - after having to call an ambulance and getting him xrayed at hospital it turns out he's broken 2 bones in his foot - theres only 11 weeks till the wedding and he's in a cast for a least 6 weeks!! got to see the orthopedic surgeon on Friday to see if they bones need setting!! I really didn't need this as i'm struggling as it is to myself above water what with this thryoid problem and then my low confidence - ladies i'm at my lowest point and i feel so useless!!

    Sorry for going on but i haven't got anywhere else to turn to have a rant.


  • ArransRoseArransRose Posts: 1,199
    :\) Thanks Flipflops :\)
  • Candy Pink, Not a problem. Please rant away. It seems a lot of our ladies are having a hard time.

    I broke my metatarsal 2 years ago, I was in plaster for 6 weeks, then one crutch for a week. So in 11 weeks I am sure he will be fine.

    Give him the tasks that he can do sat at a computer, list writing, ordering stuff that kind of thing.

    Have you got any friends or family you could delegate to? If so hand some stuff off.

    Also with the thyroid, make sure you get some medication asap.

    BIG HUG x
  • ArransRoseArransRose Posts: 1,199
    Awww Candypink

    I'm on my way out, but didn't want to read and run.

    What an awful thing to happen to poor h2b, and it is understandable you are feeling anxious and a wee bit down.

    Just want to send you a {{{HUG}}} so you know I'm thinking of you!

    Try not to assume the worst at this stage, wait and see what the doc has to say on Friday. If he is in a cast for 6+ weeks, he'll still be able to take it easy on the countdown to the wedding, and still walk down that aisle. I hope his cast is only on for the minimum time required. I hope you were given support and advice regarding his fit, how worrying for you. Stay strong!

    I broke my ankle badly 5 years ago, and have pins and plates inserted in it now. I was operated on etc, and had to wear a cast, I don't think it was much longer than 6 weeks, but I realise everyone is different. fingers crossed for Friday.

    Have you any further news on your thyroid?

    Really must go now, take care.


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  • Oooh CandyPink. One piece of advice. I broke my foot in Thailand and they put me in a fibre glass cast. Over here that is not standard. But my goodness it is so much better. Really light and easier to walk around. And they put this 'heal' thing in it so I could put a bit of weight on it.
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Wow guys what is going on with everyone. None of you should feel guilty for ranting on here we are all here to help each other as best we can.

    Cooper big hugs your way. It must be so difficult for you. Whereabouts do you live in the U.K?

    Flip flops I hope that you feel better soon and it all gets sorted for you x x x

    Candypink I hope it all gets sorted for you and his ankle mends before the wedding fingers crossed x x x

    I am going to go and do my davina dvd now feeling really annoyed that I am not losing weight I just don't know where I am going wrong!!!!!

  • MattjaggMattjagg Posts: 518
    RL, I am in Berkshire.

    confession time, I just had 3 biscuits! And no they didnt make me feel better. Boo!! I am not going to cut my self up over it, I did it and now I must move on. Almost celery and houmous time.

  • DarkHor5eDarkHor5e Posts: 885
    i think we need a group hug girls ((((( big hug)))))

    cooper7 we are all here for you, i am sorry your family is going through this but you are so strong and loving, keep talking to h2b as he is probably very scared of many things right now xxx (we will definitely go for that drink when im back) x

    candypink, sorry to hear about h2b, like the other girls have said hopefully 11 weeks is plenty of time and he can help you with lots of wedding bits (make the most of him not being able to run away) ;\)

    i have had a lovely morning, wrapping presents and then into town to buy the entire stationary collection at paper chase!! i had lunch with a girl friend who will be popping over later for a glass of wine, oh and i paid the cake guy today!

  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    Well its Monday again image

    Had a really quiet weekend for us as Hubby had some major crisis at work and had to keep taking phone calls, bad timing or something as he has a big meeting in Dubai and this had something to do with it. (i just nod in the right places)

    Im still sticking to my once a month weigh in so mine is next Monday! I have made a promise to myself to be as active as i was before the wedding. I think over the years of training people (so running with them ) multiple times of the day i used to burn so many cals, and now that i am a lady of leisure my output is just so much lower but my input isnt if that makes sense!

    Cooper - big hugs coming your way, i understand how you feel as one of my best friends had Ovarian Cancer. I can still picture the morning she rang me from her hospital bed telling me she had cancer and it was bad - i was a mess. The best thing i can say is just be there as much as you can... she will feel like she is being a burden of the worst sort and will probably be a little manic about things.

    This is a tough emotion to deal with for you and your h2b - Men are very scared of mortality where as women seem to rally. My ex (although a cold hearted git) wouldn't go to Jennifers funeral so i had to face it alone. This was a massive turning point in the decline of our own relationship (sorry gone off on my own rant there). Her cancer was so bad that once they stopped treatment so kept fighting and managed another year after they said it would be weeks.... im sorry if that is morbid but strength can really pull people through.

    Candypink - poor h2b and what a shock for you - no real words of wisdom from me - just that my dad broke his leg 4 weeks before marrying my mum - they have just had their 41st wedding anniversary image - maybe its a good sign ! also in all their pictures my mums dress is draped over so you can't tell.

    Kirsty imageimage - this is your week hun ding dong ding dong dum dum de dum xxx

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  • bellelouisebellelouise Posts: 896
    hi all what a day been on a team building trip wow!!!!

    tomorrow i'm in London all day on an IT course.

    Have you been on facebook and sen Carolines few wedding pics awwthey look such a lovley couple.

    Kirsty not long now how are you feeling excited, nervous, butterflies you'll look wonderful xxxxxxx

    cooper sorry to hear about your sister your both in my thoughts and i'm also here for moral support for you xx

    candypink thats bad news about h2b and knowing a man he'll be a nightmare lol

    flipflops am sorry about your prob hope you get sorted soon xx

    Ar still not sure how im feeling at the moment.msrried life suits you as you sound very positive xx

    hi to everyone else hope u all ok xxxxxxxxx
  • DarkHor5eDarkHor5e Posts: 885
    oh ive just had a look at carolines photos (only a couple there) they look gorgeous she is so pretty image
  • (This post has been deleted.)
  • If only you all lived round the corner from me you could all come round for a cheery glass of wine.

    Good job we have Kirsty's wedding to look forward to on Friday YEY
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    aaah Caroline looked STUNNING! - (and so did Guy - must be the uniform - huhhmm - sorry )

    off out on my bike in a mo - yes i know i keep saying it - just waiting for my phone to charge - i dare not venture out without it x
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    I have done the davina dvd today and resting tomorrow and run on Wednesday.

    Cooper wish you were closer to me I am in Somerset. I would say the same as flip flops and you could come round for a drink x
  • cmcgowanukcmcgowanuk Posts: 262
    Hello ladies!! I lost 3 1/2lbs so I am bang on ten stone!!

    Although I was in meetings all day today for work and had too many biscuits with my cups of tea and just had garlic chicken kievs so really not off to the best start but....

    I have my first dress fitting this week so i am determined to have healthy salads for the rest of the week and go to the gym lots!!

    Congrats to all the losers and maintainers and to anyone who gained stay focused!!

    Kirsty congrats for this Friday... it's so exciting!!!

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