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Need to lose AT LEAST 5 stone by November 09, buddy wanted!

Hey! I'm getting married on 7th November 2009 and really really need to lose this weight! I used to be a tall (5ft9) slim (roughly 9 1/2 stone) happy girl, but Christmas 2006 I fell pregnant, obviously on its own this was amazing but along with this came 6 stone weight increase! My GP now thinks I am suffering with post natal depression but I really think I am just so down due to me not looking how I did.Obviously I want to get bck to how I used to be for my big day, I just dont know how to do it; someone please help!


  • kel0309kel0309 Posts: 228
    I had my little girl in june 07 and have put 2 stone on, i'm 13 stone and need to lose 3 of it! I'm a feb 09 bride but would happily be your buddy??? Not sure how you get emails off here tho but i'm on facebook? Kelly Wilson newcastle, theres a pic of me and h2b with our baby!
  • NifferyNiffery Posts: 7,908
    Hi lauren86 and futuremrsblack, is it ok if i tag along?

    I need to try and lose 4 stone by next summer, no date booked yet but thinking july 09. would be good to have a small group pf people who could support each other?

    I am on facebook too, jennie durham.

  • truds35truds35 Posts: 1,838
    hey there,i need to rid myself of 5st by sept o0-nearly lost 1st by doing weightwatchers and using lipobind so im hoping thats the way to go
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    Here are 3 steps you should take:

    1) Eating a healthy diet.

    2) Exercising regularly and effectively.

    You can find some articles about the first 2 steps on the website where the link at the bottom of my post is from.

    3) Using a top weight loss supplement. This is not a must but if you can find a good and safe supplement it can help you make the weight loss process much easier. Proactol??????? is a well known weight loss product and they are running a 15% discount special for brides to be:

    Hope this helps! image

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  • Thanks everyone, Kelly I cant find you on facebook, it came up withover 500 results butI couldn't find one with the pic you said. Jennie does yours have a picture on? Try looking me up, its Lauren Ashton, the picture is me and my little boy out in the snow.

    truds35,how long have you been trying to lose the weight for?
  • NifferyNiffery Posts: 7,908
    Hi, yes i have a pic of a dog in a bees uit (don't ask!) i will see if i can find you

    truds35 are you on facebook too?
  • Hi all, can i join in too, i am aiming for 4 stone, but 5 or more would be great, i have a nov 09 wedding to (14th) but i have a target of 2 stone by july, i think giving yourself smaller targets makes it look better.

    I lost a lot of weight before, about 3 stone a few years ago, but got stable at a size 18. but now after meeting H2B, i have slacked and the weight has come back. The worst thing was when i was in a wedding comp for bride of they year, i really didn't think we would get anywhere as they wanted a pic. we got to the semi finals (which were 8 couples) the pic they got of me is on our wall it is nasty, it is falling downin the frame and it looks like i am weighing it down. i hate it, i have to leave it as i dont want to look like that again.

    sorry waffling on, i have almost kicked a stone off.

  • Hi Floss, course you can wow your wedding is 7 days after mine. Do you have a facebook account?
  • Hi yeah i am . Elaine Leadbeater Bristol and it is a pic of me sticking out my tounge. Charming i know LOL

    I didn't think any one else wanted nov, so that is quite strange.

  • I had different colour schemes for different seasons, my partner said he didnt want it too close to christmas,I didnt want summer coz I would be less likely to plan for rain so I chose autumn because it gave me longer to lose weight than spring!
  • Well i said that summer you will prob get rain, but autumn would be too cold for rain and everyone will have coats etc and not be caight out. also more time to save and like you say, shred the pounds, or our case stone.

    and i wanted browns so it would fit in with taht time of year. evryone one else has had every colour i can think of.
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