Need a kick up the bottom!

I really need to start dieting if I am going to make a noticable difference for my wedding at the end of July 07. I just can't seem to get myself into the right frame of mind and keep finding excusses why I don't think it is a good time to start my diet.

HElP, I need a really good kick up the bum. How do you get motivated and stick with it? All my life I have been a reall yo-yo dieter and do ok when I get on the diet for a few weeks then just put all the weight back on as I start eating rubish again a month later.

Any advice on how to stay motivated this time.


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    All I can suggest is that you sit and imagine yourself walking up the aisle every time you fancy eating something which you know won't help your diet. If you truly aren't happy with your figure imagining yourself thin may help. Failing that you could stop buying in stuff that is fattening. If you live with anyone else hopefully they will be supportive enough to make sure they don't bring stuff in too.

    Good luck

    S xxxx
  • I agree

    Just imagine your wedding day you dont wont to be trying to hide parts of your body all day and not be able to relax!

    Have you started exercising??

    my diet kicked in once i joined a gym they go hand in hand you start realising what your body needs!

    when you realise a mars bar takes an hour in the gym to burn off it somehow not worth it!

    good luck!!

  • i found out that a spoon of peanut butter has 95 calories in it, then i realised that it burns about 95 calories if i do 10 minutes on the exercise bike. I know I'd rather be eating peanut butter than going on an exercise bike but truly, I know that i have to stop eating those tiny things that take 30 seconds to eat but 40 minutes to burn off.

    I do go to the gym but my incentive is based on the fact that I find the gym really dull. So if i eat something higher in calories during the day then i have to make up for it in exercise within 24 hours.

    It's working so far - well i'm not eating as much cake!!!!!
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    Hi Tori, I've been a chronic yo-yo dieter as well so know what you mean.

    What I found works is changing your lifestyle and habits long term so it's a way of life and not somethign that you have to stick out for a couple of months before going back to the bad old ways.

    Could you try making small changes over the next few weeks and seeing how you do with that rather than trying to change everything all at once which, lets face it, is a tad overwhelming and really hard to manage for more than a few days. How about small goals each week e.g. 10 mins of exercise 3 times that week and not having any alcohol/chips/choc/whatever for 5 of the 7 days?

    If you make the good healthy stuff a habit it's not so much effort because you'll be doing it automatically.

    Not sure if that's helpful but crossing my fingers for you lots.

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    Hey tori, Im in exactly the same position as you. Ive decided that as i have alot of stress with uni work and I know that I will probs put weight on at cmas as usually do that I am going start with a clean sheet from beginning of 2007. It only gives me 7 months but I am happy with my weight but wouldnt want to be any heavier but would love to be at least 1/2 stone lighter and wear a bikini on honeymoon...currently am not confident in wearing one!!

    If you have found any superb tips make sure you let me know!! x

    p.s currently nibbling on a couple of liquorise allsorts as I type...hmmmm really shuouldnt have bought them...not a good start!!!!
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