Where to start!!


Been reading the forums and everyone has such great ways and doing so well but I just don't know where to start!!

I'm not getting married till 2010 but I am a BM for my best friend in 2009 so my aim is for then.... I want to drop about 3 dress sizes but I cant get the motivation!!

I dont really have the time to get to any classes, plus im a little too self conscience to go! I also have a desk job so i'm not on my feet all day at work anymore (probably the reason I put weight on - along with the biscuits with my afternoon tea!!!).

Anyway any thoughts, motivation, ideas will be greatly recieved! I've tried the ususal slim-fast etc but i like my food too much to just have shakes, and I cant really afford to spend loads on diets on special type of foods!

Sorry to go on, just starting to get a little worried as I am going to look huge next to my bridesmaids!!!!!

littlemiss x


  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    I cleared out the fridge and cupboards to start off with!

    Had a tantrum in the middle of the night and chucked out all the chocolate and biscuits etc lol Chocolate is my biggest weakness so it's been tough rationing myself to a little bit once a week.

    Know what you mean about expensive diet foods- I tried the Gillian McKeith diet and I was spending a fortune on bizarre foods. Nightmare.

    With my wedding dress as motivation, I eat lots more fruit, drink water and try wholemeal rather than white bread and pasta. It's slow progress but the weight is coming off

    There's recommedations for work out DVD''s somewhere on here so what about investing in one of those? Ya can do as much as you want then.

  • k4l5i6k4l5i6 Posts: 113
    Ahh thank you for the ideas... think as soon as i get home this eve cupboard sorting it will be... perhaps I will sort out a cupboard for me and one for H2b so I cant see the naughty things he likes!!!

    I think with the eating healthy its my lunches I always fail on at work, I never know what to have, and I get bored... easily!!!

    Im hoping to go get a bike at the weekend now the weather is getting better!

    You sound like you are doing well... good luck hope it keeps falling off for you!! x
  • SnowBugsSnowBugs Posts: 628
    Hey little miss! Right! *Snowbugs rolls sleeves up!*

    The only thing that's stopping you from having the body you want is YOU. You have the power to turn things around and get even more gorgeous! It's just going to take some patience and hard work.

    You love your food like me. So this is what you've got to do. Exercise!! And LOTS of it.

    Diets don't work! They might initially but you'll soon pile the weight back on. Exercise burns fat, tones and makes you feel great.

    I'm not saying you can eat whatever you want. You're just going to stop snacking on bad things and start snacking on good things. You're going to stop eating when you're full. You're going to take your time with food too. Chewing slowly and appreciating what you're eating. Read up about food too. Will you really be tempted to go for a Pizza Hut for instance if you know what they put in them?

    So.. this is what I think you shoud do...

    1) Subscribe to Zest magazine. It's so motivating and helps me to stay focused!

    2) Buy a Nell McAndrew workout DVD... A Yoga DVD... A dance DVD... And Darcey Bussell's Pilates for Life. Buy as many as you can. Buy a mat and vary your workout. Do the harder workouts twice a week and then the more gentle ones two times a week.

    3) Can you walk to work? Even if it takes you 45 minutes? You'll be doing exercise without knowing it. And with the weather on the up you've got no excuse!

    4) Stick a current photo of yourself on the fridge and keep it there. To remind you of your goal!

    5) Make simple changes to your diet. Cut down on cheese. Swap semi-skimmed milk for skimmed. Discover simple breakfasts like porridge with blackberries. Cut down on your portion sizes. Eat more fruit and fill half your plate at dinner time with veg.. the rest with lean meat and fish. Don't deprive yourself. Still have a curry or chinese now and again. And never say no to chocolate. Just remember you need to keep exercising to enjoy these occasional treats. Oh and only drink at the weekend!

    6) Discover green teas and drink lots and lots of water. It'll help you get through the day and stop you snacking!

    7) Buy a pair of jeans the size you're hoping to become. Just cheap ones. Or borrow some old ones from a friend. Keep trying them on every month. You'll soon get into them.

    8) When you're not doing your at-home fitness DVDs.. go out for a bike ride. Go out for a walk. Just keep moving all of the time.

    Above all, remember - no matter how wobbly or unfit you feel now.. if you start to do all of the above I promise in three months time you'll be feeling lighter, slimmer and fitter! And you might even be confident enough to go to the gym! Variety is key. Just keep doing lots of different things! Keep it fun and enjoyable! I do! And I love it! image

  • k4l5i6k4l5i6 Posts: 113
    Wow thanks! That gets my butt into gear!!! H2b is going to get a shock when he gets home from work tonight!!!! image
  • SnowBugsSnowBugs Posts: 628
    You go for it girl! You knock em dead!

    Keep a food diary as well if it helps! And ditch the scales for now. Just focus on eating well and exercising for now. Then weigh yourself in a couple of weeks time.

    I never weigh myself. I just know when I've put weight on and when I've lost it! Good luck lovely! xxx
  • k4l5i6k4l5i6 Posts: 113
    Ahh thank you so much.... I know where to come for a kick up the backside if I feel im going to have a bad food day lol! xxx
  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    I'm inspired too! When ya lose a couple of pounds it's such a good feeling, it's worth all the effort and spurs you on to keep going
  • Kelly06uk1Kelly06uk1 Posts: 244
    Hi there

    I'm like as well i've got about 2 stone to lose and i've got 2 years to do it. I've bought a wii fit board as we have a wii and it's great!!
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