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Oh no im soo depressed !

Hi girls ,

some of your may know that iv been eating healthy now for 7-8months, granted with a few off weeks in between but 80% of the time iv been focused.

I was so proud of my little self because iv lost 18lbs.

But today we got new scales as h2b said that ours have never been right .

I thought i was 10st.3lbs and was brimming with joy because i want to be 9st. 6lbs so not much more to go, keep up the good work i was thinking.

HA !

The new (working) scales say that im 11st !

im just heart broken,im sorry if this seems stupid and selfish girls i do know there are people out there who would be happy but its completly done my head in.

And my dress seems like it will never fit now.

iv not lost as much as i thought or a was fatter than i thought either way im so upset.

sorry iv just had to write it down.


  • Hi Ange,

    You should still be proud of yourself for trying. It doesn't matter whst the scales say, it's how you feel and you're right to be proud. Stay focussed. You can do it.

    Find an item of clothing that is too small and every week try it on. Eventually it will fit you and that's what counts not what you weigh.

    *Big hug*

    Claire x
  • Hi Ange

    Don't panic!! Remember, even if it meant you were more to start off with, you have lost that weight now!!! It is BRILLIANT that you lost 18lbs, and if you feel you need to lose much more, we are all here for you!!

    Try measuring yourself as well as weighing yourself. I think weights themselves can be so depressing as even at my very lightest I think I would only be 10.7, which can sound a lot compared to some, but we are all different.

    Measurements however means you will only compare yourself against yourself. If nothing else it will add a new dimension. Only a suggestion though.

    Good luck.

    PS when is the date?


  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    Hi Angel4

    I tried sending you an email (well I clicked on the email thingy button, typed my message and sent it!) ealier (hope you don't mind) as was wondering if everything was ok as not seen you much on here recently. Hope everything is ok.

    Congratulation on losing 18lbs! Try not to let it get you down as you could end up undoing all your excellent work. Your dress will fit you and you will look stunning! I know it is hard but stick with it. I know my weight goes up and down depending on 'the time of the month' and sometimes even from shop to shop (I used to have an annoying habit of weighing my self in shops as I had heard that depending on what they shops want to sell you would determine where they put the scales ie if they were promoting diet products the scales would make out that you were heavier then you thought so you came off them and see diet products straight away and be tempted to buy them and if you were lighter then you thought then 9 out of 10 times the scales would be near chocolate etc so you would feel that you could congratulate yourself if that makes sense!)

    keep up the good work - you are doing fab!

    big hugs

  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903

    Firatly thankyou for the encouragement claire and kittycat, i now your both right.

    The date is 5th may 2007, so theres plenty of time i suppose, its just my dress STILL doesnt bloody fit and i have to say im paniking !

    Catherine i havent got your email! it might not b working i will check my profile.

    Thanks for all your kind words, i think im coming to terms with the fact that it just means im going to have to try harder and battle on.

    i once did the atkins diet and it works wonders, the only reason i havent done it again yet is my fella grumps about how its a rubbish diet,

    right now i just dont care, im going to do it untill christmas, at least then i can relax, because i know i will lose 1 st by then!

    hows the dress hunting going catherine??

    big hugs back 2 ya all,

    x x Kelly.

  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    Dress shopping is going great thanks. Think I may of found the one. Its from a shop called Clare Louise Brides on Chorley Old Road. If you go on google and type in Mikaella 1154 it should bring up a picture! What do you think?

    Its the photographer that is giving me a headache at the moment. I have been to Craig at Storm and really liked him and really wish now I had booked there and then! However was good and went to look at others and have seen a friend of my step mums who is just setting up as a wedding photographer and has only assisted at weddings before. However her work was very good but I think she is going to be expensive. When we saw her I couldn't get a clear idea of price as one minute she was saying one thing and then the next another! She is sending me something in the post in the next few weeks! I am confused and just want to get it booked now!

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  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903

    that dress is amazing !!!

    wot else can i say, r u having it defo?
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992

    I think so - just trying to find the deposit, Christmas coming up is not helping mind!

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  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    I know wot u mean, i usually love christmas, but this one is just getting in the way of all my preparations, thats terrible isnt it!

    i just wish i didnt have to spend on christmas so i could put it towards the wedding!
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    I am exactly the same - i want a really good christmas. Not just got presents to buy either we have all our christmas decorations to buy. It is our 3rd christmas in our house but the 1st year we borrowed someones tree and decs. Last year we didn't have any thing up as we were in the middle of decorating the front room so decided not to bother because we didn't have much money and we said this year we will make sure we do it all properly and get lovely decorations etc (which I meant to get in the Jan sales but never got around to it!) It didn't feel like christmas last year so this year I wanted it to be really special! Ah well Christmas is what you make it!!!
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Thats very true, i will keep my eyes open for lovely decsfor u that wont break the bank, actually have you been to matalan?
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    Not yet but I think I will go - still trying to persuade H2B that we need christmas this year! ha ha
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