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Chocoholics out there :)

I have a little tip if you truly need to diet but can't live without your chocolate, try having 2 sqaures of as dark chocolate as you can stand each day to cure your sweet tooth. I'm sure I read somewhere that that's also partially healthy!

and another thing to try if you desperately need to loose weight but can't get off the chocolate is try reading a book by a guy called Jason Vale the book is called "Chocolate Busters"! My mum has never eaten a bar of chocolate since!!!

Hope this helps people ;\)


  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    Mmm I luv dark chocolate! This sounds good for me!
  • cherenyukcherenyuk Posts: 148
    I'm going to give dark choc a go as I have heard this before but i'm so obsessed with chocolate and desperately need to cut down!! Tis could do the trick

    Beany x
  • melowdiemelowdie Posts: 219
    Green & Blacks are a good choice as they come in many flavours and are mainly all dark chocolate apart from the milk bar and the white chocolate bar! If you can't stand the bitterness of plain dark chocolate theres mint flavours, orange (My fave) , cherry mixed in with the dark chocolate. So that could be a good try. If anyone is cutting out dairy aswell thats ok because I'm lactose intollerant and I eat this stuff until the cows come home.

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  • Lindt chocolate has one version that contains 85% cocoa which has even less fat in it compared to other dar chocolates.

    At the moment I just cant let go of chocolate. My wedding is in September and I so hope that I will get in some kind of healthy eating routine. I lost 2 stone last year and I am about to put it all back on if I am not careful. :\(
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