Lipo Smooth ???????????

Anyone no much about it?

I have a consultation in May and the write up in Marie Claire was excellent, Just wondering if anyone else has had it done / read about it or no someone who has had it?



  • cherenyukcherenyuk Posts: 148
    I'm not sure but is it the new lipo which isnt invasive? How does it work and is it really expensive if you dont mind me asking?:\)
  • joannevanejoannevane Posts: 493
    £880 for a cource of six , apparently its lasers and does not hurt at all. The write up for it was brilliant so im gonna go for the free consultation and see what its all about!

    Ill let you know how it goes!

  • cherenyukcherenyuk Posts: 148
    Yeah please do and let me know if they tell how painful it is!
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