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pink patch

Anyone seen or done this. Seems a con but thought I would see if anyone had tried it.


  • Hey, I tried it and trust me it really isnt worth the money! they reckon it works as an appitite depressant but its not!

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  • emma892avonemma892avon Posts: 944
    I'm using them and am finding that it does work. I used to just eat and eat but now am able to put the knife and fork down. I must be eating half of what I used to. The first week I used the patch I lost 8lbs, the second week 3lbs and have lost 1-2lbs each week after that.
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    I don't really eat that much so perhaps it will not work for me.
  • natashabonenatashabone Posts: 631
    I tried them and they were rubbish!
  • julz5483julz5483 Posts: 2,633
    i've ordered the free trial so gonna give it a shot
  • ChaddeeukChaddeeuk Posts: 137
    If you google it there are lots of warning articles saying that it's both a waste of time (and scientifically a load of tosh) and also potentially dangerous in some cases. Also it's heavily marketed at young girls which is pretty sick in my opinion.
  • I tried these any they were rubbish, but they say it works differently on different people
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