why do i do it to myself!

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ive been doing so well on my diet, i started it in january and have managaed to lose 1st 8lbs this is so amazing for me because whenever ive tried to do diets before i normally give up within a week, but now im so annoyed with myself because last week i managed to get to my half way weight, ive only got another 1st n half left to get to my ideal weight and guess wot ive gone n done, yep i blown it well n truly. i really need a kick up the backside after my atrocious eating this week

first of all incase any of u dont know im actually living in south of france at the moment , just for a year for university, i now only have a 6 week stretch ahead of me left n was hopin to only have a few pounds to lose when i finally leave here as its so much easer to lose the weihgt here because obviously the food is much healthier and fresher, everything has to be made from scratch cos anythin processed is realy awful here!

anyway back to my story, this week a few of my friends have returned as they have been off travelling or visiting home plus the sun has had his hat on this week. great i thought but maybe not so as all this week all ive done is eat ice cream sit in cafes with big baguettes and havnt drank even half of my daily 8 glasses of water. i have put a pound back on this week and im so annoyed with myself and just want all you girls to give me a good kick up the backside and tell me to sanp put of it and get back on with my diet. . i know lb doesnt seem like much to put back on but this is the first time ive actually put weight back on during ths diet i have stayed the same a few times and this hasnt bothered me because i know u dont neccessarily lose weiht every week but to put it back on is just so depressing!"

sorry for the rantgirls but just needed to type this as seeing it wrote down will give me a bit of motivation!


  • A lb is nothing!! Be extra good today, no carbs and will be off by tmrw when you weigh yourself!!

    You are doing so well, don't stress over it!!

    In some ways I think its good to have a naughty day (or week sometimes in my case), you can have all the nice food then get back on the diet and you can really commit without wanting to eat bad food. Just use this as motivation to get your last stone off!!

    Good luck!! x
  • Hi MrsFelton2b,

    Don't give up! Write it off to bad experience and start again as though nothing has happened. We all have our bad patches, the trick is not to let it get you down. Concentrate instead on all the good you've been doing so far and remember that you have it in you. You'll soon have that lb off and more besides.

    Best of luck with it. i know you can do it.

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