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Have just come back from holiday where I have eaten out so much. I could feel before that I had put on weight but when I was away and wearing bikini I realised how bad it was. I am getting married in 2008 and want to wear a slim fitting dress.

How does this work and can I join in.


  • emmarayukemmarayuk Posts: 2,591

    Everyone is welcome. On a Friday our lovely Web Ed will put topic up titled 'weigh in'. You basically go on there every week and write your weight and what you have lost or put on or even if you have stayed the same weight. We try and inspire each other with what our incentives were that week and we are all one big happy family striving for the same thing!

  • kelukkeluk Posts: 1,467
    you could look at my post 'what works for me and still does' some people have found this helpful and my sil2bhas lost weightwith it.good luck!
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