Hi all - anyone done Slim-Fast?

I am on my first week at the moment and finding it easier than I thought, I often miss breakfast and snack at lunch then have a huge dinner. So having a shake for breakfast and lunch is actually easier and I have been trying to eat healthy dinners (steamed chicken, veg, salads etc). I'm hoping to get the initial stone and a half off doing slim fast (I have about 3 to lose), before my wedding in 4 months time!


  • Gemma610Gemma610 Posts: 293
    Hi jazzycat

    I'm doing slim fast too. I am having a yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, a slim fast shake or meal bar for lunch and then a normal dinner.

    I tried the raspberry smoothie for lunch today and it was horrible! The milkshakes and meal bars are much nicer I think!

    It's only my third day and I haven't weighed myself yet- hope to lose a couple of pounds by the end of the week. I am only aiming to lose half a stone or so but I get married in 37 days so thought it was worth a go!

  • saskia87saskia87 Posts: 755
    I haven't tried the smoothies, but I actually really like the shakes so will stick with those!

    They don't exactly fill you up, so I try and eat loads of fruit, raw carrots etc to fill the hole if I need to, and try to occupy my time and drink lots of water. I have a 6 month old son, so find the time goes quickly looking after him and I'm never sitting around doing nothing (which is when I stuff my face!). The evening is the hardest time, but then I get to eat my proper dinner then so it's not too bad. I really hope I can shift at least 2 stone before the end of August, fingers crossed xx
  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    I did it last year to lose weight for my hols and found it a lot easier than I thought it would be! The weight dropped off! Found myself really dehydrated though so lots of water! Not a long term solution because as soon as you eat properly again the weight goes back on, naturally. Worked for me and I will probably be back on it a couple of months before my wedding

    Good luck
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