I've become a gym bunny!

I can't believe how motivated I've been recently. This week i've been to the gym friday, sat, sun, swimming on mon, and again today... however to 'reward' myself for being so good, i've been a naughty girl, had some wine last night, and went to the chippy for lunch today. What's spurring me on is an engagement party dress that i want to get into on 25 November - still about an inch away from doing up the zip at the top; so it's either the gym or a new cardi!! Vicky x


  • Well done!! I've found lately that the more I go the easier it becomes. The nice thing is that I don't feel guilty about the 'slip ups' when they happen. I find it helps to have the goal - I keep a picture in my head of my wedding dress. I know I'll never be a size 10 but I want to be a curvy bride not a fat bride!!

    Don't forget though that your body does need some days off between exercise to recover!!

    Corinna x
  • Joey0810Joey0810 Posts: 537
    I've found lately that the more I go the easier it becomes.

    Hey, I'm liking the comment...if thats true I hope it works for me! I have said I am going to go to the gym after christmas as then all essays are out of the way and I wont feel to bad if a few pounds go on!!

    Your comment has motivated me to definately go to the gym...I am very lazy as I dont have to travel far to it either!!

    Vicky, you mentioned you've been to the gym 3 times all reading and swimming twice if I've read your comment correctly. Like Corinna said, you need to give you body a rest some days. I have heard on a number of occasions that you should only go running/or go to the gym 3 times a week. have a day of rest and the other 3 days if you want to should be les strenuous exercise.

    Until next year begins I'm trying to not pig out between meals!

    Keep it up. xxx
  • I joined a gym in Sept in an effort to tone up and lose 3 stone before April.

    I've lost my first stone which came off slowly.......

    I've been going to the gym between 4 and 5 times a week and now am at the stage if I don't go I feel depressed.

    I tend to do Aqua fit on a monday

    day off tuesday

    gym session weds & Aqua fit again thurs

    day off fri

    back at gym sat and sun

    Once I established the routine its easy and besides the monthly payments help to keep me motivated!!!!!

    I have my first fitting end of Jan and ordered a dress in 1 size smaller than I am now which I should be in come the fitting.

  • I joined a gym at Christmas and I go twice a week by myself and once a week have a personal trainer. Toning up nicely and getting figure back into shape but not losing the weight. Help! Is this just because muscle weighs more than fat? Surely some of weight must come off at some point?
  • I found for the first month or so I dind't lose any weight, in fact I put it on! It's true that muscle weights more than fat. Keep going and you should start to see a difference soon, make sure you drink plenty of water because you don't want your body to become dehydrated.

    Corinna x
  • That's good to hear. My WW leader did say it would eventually catch up. Just wish i had started excersing sooner, but never mind. I could always get some 'suck you in' underwear for the day and then keep going with the weight loss and gym for the honeymoon image Leila xx
  • I tried some of the 'magic' underwear and hated it!! I couldn't breathe, then it all rumpled and collected within my 'rolls'!! Trouble was I caught sight of myself in the mirror and was laughing so much that I couldn't get the damn thing off!!

    Not a pretty sight!
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    I've been going to the gym for over a year and have become much fitter and more toned, but I haven't lost a pound. I thought that if I went to the gym I could eat what I want - obviously I can't so I joined WW in the New Year too. Weigh in tomorrow, want to lose 3 stone. Vicx
  • vixsmilesvixsmiles Posts: 209

    I used to go to the gym 4-5 times a week and never noticed a difference, don;t forget muscle weighs more than fat but no confidence booster not to have lost a pound!

    When I was on ww and went to the gym 3 times a week I really started to notice a difference almost immediately.

    I would also recommend doing different execising so your body doesn't get to use to the training.

    My favs are body pump, LBT's, spinning (only 30 minute class though) and then gym also.

    Good luck with weigh in!

  • Hi Vic,

    Don't give up I've been going to the gym three to four times a week and have been training using the buff brides programme as well as doing weight watchers. I've lost half a stone since Christmas and only have 5lbs to go till i'm the same weight as when i met H2B. We've been training together which I have found means I work so much harder and its nice to spend time together. H2b is also on weight watchers and we fill in our points allowance together - again really supportive. We also took pictures of ourselves before starting this new regime and we plan to take new ones every month so we can see how our tone etc had changed regardless of weightloss.

    good luck and stick with it


  • flynns_mummyflynns_mummy Posts: 1,631
    Yeaaaahhhhhh baby!! Lost 4lb this week, which is great after staying the same in week 1, then only losing 1/2 lb in week 2. Also started salsa and latin dance classes on tuesday night with H2B for something else active to do together rather than sitting on the settee scoffing and swigging wine! Thank you so much for all your moral support xxxx
  • well done vicky thats awesome, weight watchers is great, i lost 24 pounds on WW
  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    well done Vicky, the scales catch up eventually!
  • flynns_mummyflynns_mummy Posts: 1,631
    Been earning extra points this week to 'spend' on wine and other treats at the weekend. After salsa on tues, went to the gym thursday, friday, and sunday and did a bike ride with H2B on saturday. Feeling proud and hoping that I'll have another successful weigh in. Honeymoon booked now (well flights) and in a positive mind for a new wardrobe when I'm slimmer in Autumn
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