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help - 5 weeks and 2 days to go


Its 5 weeks and two days to go and I have managed to pile back on the 1.5 stone that I have carefully and slowly lost over the past year.

For some reason in the last month I have managed to completely self destruct and have become an eating machine and have ruined all of my hard work over the last year.

The worse bit is that the harder I try to back manage what I have already put back on the more I panic and the heavier im getting.

I have all these visions of being a happy, curvy size 14 and now i just feel a frumpy and very very depressed size 16 who can barley breathe in my wedding dress.

I have lost all motivation and am bouncing between fad diets totaly out of control and getting no where.

Just invested in the davina Mcall exercise video in a hope that it might help as have cancelled gym due to lack of funds. Are excercise videos really any good?

What on earth can I do to rescue this in the next 5 weeks? All suggestions gratefully received



  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474

    Hi Vicki

    Firstly take a deep breath - don't panic! You can get back on track and lose enough weight in five weeks to be comfy in your wedding dress.

    If you panic too much you will bring your mood down and then end up comfort eating. You have made a positive step by buying an exercise dvd. If you do it 3 times a week, not only will it help with your stress levels, it will also help you to lose some weight and tone up. You need to make sure you eat three sensible meals a day - don't flap and start starving yourself. If you don't eat enough and regularly your body will go into starvation mode and actually make you eat more!

    I love food - I am sure we all do. There is nothing nicer than snuggling up on the sofa with a packet of biscuits or a bar of chocolate.

    What you need to say to yourself is this: 'do I love eating that much that I can't keep control for the next 5 weeks.....'.

    When I feel like I really want to eat something that I know isn't going to be good for my weight loss I tell myself that if, after an hour, I still want it then I will eat it. I always feel regret within minutes of eating rubbish so this way I have that cooling off period where I can talk myself out of it or realise I really shouldn't have it. I also don't eat if I don't feel hungry - that way I know if I am comfort eating or just plain being a fat git!! image

    You can eat what you like after the wedding - and I hope you do! That will be your time to just relax and kick back and enjoy being a Mrs!

    If you seriously want to lose that little bit of weight needed to fit comfortably into your dress you need to focus. The time will go over so quickly and you will be really chuffed when you put your dress on and it looks a million dollars!!

    I am around most days and will offer support and 'virtual hugs' as much as you need!

    Don't feel that you can't do this - you can and I know you will!!

    Good luck!

    Shelley xxx

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  • Ello

    I totally agree with Shelley, relax, look at what you need to acheive:

    5 weeks gives you the possibility to lose 10lbs without starving yourself

    2lbs per week, write down what exercise you can do ie: 30 minute walk a day or 20 situps etc then base your eating on a regime you know you can cope with like cereal in the morning, fruit snacks cuppa soup and roll and steamed food for tea.

    As for veggining on sofa yes I know its nice but you would prob be better off going out for a late walk with h2b and then shower and straight to bed, avoiding familiarity is the key.

    I know so many exersises if you want to know then let me know, ones you could do in front of the telly.

    Just because you have had a bad month does not mean you should give up.

    Dust yourself off and accept that you HAVE to feel comfortable in your frock, its a long day!!!

    Get stuck into it lady and once the wedding day comes you can eat chocolate in abundance!!! YEY
  • Sorry just read that back and realised it sounds very harsh, good luck and if you need exersise tips just ask I know some really effective ones.
  • Hey,

    Thankyou so much for your help.

    JMP - Yes those excercises would be really helpful. I specifically need help with my arms, back and tummy area?

    Im currently trying to control my weight and am eating a slim fast meal bar for breakfast, slimfast shake or soup for lunch and a salad with tuna fish or jacket potato for dinner.

    Do you think this is ok?

    well I will try and do 30 mins of the davina mcall dvd every day and hopefully i will see a bit of a weight loss

    Thankyou for your help, im feeling a bit more positive

  • i saw an article for the little black dress diet book (think you can get it from amazon) sounded quiet good not fad dieting, more of a detox very healthy and packed full of fruit and veg - might be worth having a look.

    dont give up the happiest day of your life is approaching stay positive

  • Sending you a (((((((((hug)))))))))) I have done a similar thing. I have lost 2 stone slowly over a few months but now I can't stop eating I have put 1/2 stone back on in the last 3 weeks. It seems that buying my wedding dress and thinking it didn't look too bad at my weight lost my will power. I am under a lot of stress with 2 boys with special needs.

    Sorry for moaning on your thread.
  • Vicki

    Try lying on the floor on your back or even better a bench and hold either small weight or a tin of beans/tomatoes whatever in each hand and raise your arms up to meet in the center above your bust, this is V good for arms, Stomach - lift your knee above your belly buttom (or as high as pos) from a standing position as this works the same muscles as sit ups as if you were climbing a really big step. Also try lying on your front with your fore arms on the floor and just your riase yourself up so just your toes and forearms are on the floor this is known as the plank cos thats what you resemble and it works your stomach muscles 1minute of holding this position is equvilant to around 100 sit ups, for your back you could try fishes which is to lie on your tum holding your hands behind your back and raise your chest from the floor so you can feel it (not so it hurts pain wise though) and that help back muscles and strength. punches are very good for arms and your waist if you twist whilst doing then.

    Hope these help, let me know how you get on with them.

  • Hi Vicki,

    I think Shelley is absolutely right about not stressing about it, especially as when you're stressed your are more likely to put on more weight.

    Another really important thing to do is to drink lots of water (at least one large bottle per day!); as hunger is often confused by thirst, try drinking a large glass of water before lunch and dinner. It also stops you feeling tired (as we all do on these long cold winter days) it will motivate you more to do that exercise vid!! One other thing which really helps is drinking a large cup of hot water with a couple of dashes of lemon juice first thing in the morning, ita super kick starts your metabolisman liver cleansing. I'm not sure a slim fast bar is the best thing to eat for breafast, a bowl of porridge is better for slow release energy plus it warms you up.

    Re exercise, i always think running is the very best exercise if you want to lose weight quickly, or if its a bit too cold why not turn your stereo up and dance round your house! Its fun and it burns calories - just make sure you have your curtains closed first!!(Unless you want to entertain your neighbours!!!

    Good luck!! WE ALL KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!


  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284

    Im currently trying to control my weight and am eating a slim fast meal bar for breakfast, slimfast shake or soup for lunch and a salad with tuna fish or jacket potato for dinner.

    Do you think this is ok?


    That's not much calorie-wise, especially if you are going to exercise regularly. Particularly the first half of the day. You don't want to run the risk of your body going into 'starvation-mode' and clinging on for dear life to every calorie you give it!

    Personally, I would get very bored, very quickly on that sort of eating regime.

    How about trying something like the Carol Vordeman detox? 28 days of cutting out trigger foods that can cause blood sugar fluctuations and known triggers for bloating might work wonders. I've done it several times and it's done good things for me! The books are usually cheaply available.

    Or, it's just as strict, and you might loathe the woman, but Gillian McKeith's plans might also help.

    Thinking outside your usual, and giving yourself something new to concentrate on (recipes etc) might help you refocus and stop the panicking.
  • Hi Girls,

    Thankyou so much for all of your kind words and tips.

    Well I have been doing my dvd and it seems to be working (well i hurt like hell) so that must be a good thing!!!

    I am sat here tucking into a massive bag of carrot batons with salsa and a small pot of couscous.

    my clothes seem to be looser and I have lost the bloated feeling so I am feeling much more positive.

    I have to admit I haven't been an angel over the weekend (old habits die hard) but what ever i ate I just increased the amount of star jumps - UGGHHHHHH

    Well fingers crossed

    Good luck to all of you image

    I will keep you all posted
  • Good going Vicki, I have every confidence you will succed if you put your mind to it.

    Keep up the good (and Hard) work well done for getting stuck in!

    Let us know how the dress feels on the day!
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