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Since doing my diet and losing weight it seems to be shifting from everywhere except my boobs. I have the biggest boobs in the world, put it this way big enough to get a reduction free on the NHS.

Anyway i've been going to the gym and doing swimming but they are not reducing in size. I'm worried that the excercises i'm doing are just strenthening the muscle and thats the problem.

Does anyone have the same problem or know of any good excercises that will help me.





  • Hi,

    I know what you mean. My boobs are 32DD and i've had to have a bigger dress to get them in. I'm only a size 8 to 10. they wanted me to have a size 14 to get them in but said i should manage with a 12!!!

    I've been ill and lost weight off every where except there!!!

    I would like them samller too. If you got them big you want smaller and vice versa!!!

    My friend had a reduction on the NHS she had to wait 4 years tho.

    Kelly xx
  • I am completely sympathetic to your problem. Try having 36HH's! I am completely out of prportion, and no matter how much weight i loose they go no where!

    Im learning to live with them, but had considered breat reduction in the past. Saw the most awful programme on it once though, put me for life. Check these websites for good bra's, corsets etc- and I can usually get my size at Bravissimo, but am going to Rigby to get my wedding underwear. I hear they can do amazing things to make your bust look smaller!

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    Hi Girls. I'm also going to go to Rigby, worth paying for a decent bra for the day.

    Simone I'm about the same as you in cup size so feel for you. I live with mine too but just feel that with losing weight elsewhere I would love to lose off my boobs.

    As you said kelly I will have to get a bigger dress to fit my boobs, nightmere!

  • i've had to have a size 18 dress to fit my boobs in which are a size 40dd my waist is a 14, i've had a dress with laceing up the back so that it can be pulled tight around my waist.
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    I know how you all feel its awful. My sisters have not alot & they wish for my boobs, i tell them they can have them. Dont think they realise how heavy they are. Im a 36F and a size 14. I too have had to order a size 18 dress to get these bad boys into my wedding dress!

    I would like to be a C cup but dont think i have the guts to have surgery, so i'll just deal with them!

    I buy my bras off Figleaves ( great fro sports bras) but the bridal shop has reccommended i use to buy my basque!

    Good luck x
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    I have the same problem, 38E. I was hoping the dress, with lace up back, would hold me in as a bra would show, but not so sure, got dress fitting soon, so gonna jump up and down and see what happens. Hope i dont poke someones eye out!! Alternatively i could get out the masking tape, that would hold 'em in!!!
  • oh dear i was already stressing about going dress shopping, am planning on going in january. thought i'd visit bravissimo to see if i could get a decent wedding dra/basque before even thinking about trying on dresses as i think i want something strapless. i'm a 34FF and size 12/14 so think i look like a flippin cartoon character!! you've all just confirmed what i feared!!!

  • My sister had 32 JJ boobs she also had the tiniest waist and she was so out of proportion that she had them reduced to a more reasonable 32 DD. She would never look back - it was the best thing she ever did.

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    Bless you!!! Im sure you dont look like that really. You know h2b cant understand why i worry about my chest, he says he loves it (typical man!) but hes not the one who has to somehow stuff them into the dress! I guess get the dress then see what they advise for bras. THats what i was banking on, think i need to ring the dress shop..
  • Bon

    Please don't stress about your boob size, just aim for a corseted dress and the fittings should make it fit the rest of you perfectly. I will add to everyone elses recommendations for Rigby & Peller they are fantastic. For the record I'm a 32G, although sadly more of a 16 than a twelve but I do have a small waist, so the corseted dress has been great for not making my hips look absolutley huge. Try Maggie Sottero if you can her stuff is v. good for us curvacious ladies!!;\)
  • It's always the way....women with big boobs think they're they're too big...and woman on the smaller side think they're too small!! I dont have the big issue..quite the opposite....image Well i guess I maybe classed as average...but would love a bit extra!image I'm sure no matter what szie you'll all look lovely in your dresses!xx
  • It's always the way....women with big boobs think they're they're too big...and woman on the smaller side think they're too small!! I dont have the big issue..quite the opposite....image Well i guess I maybe classed as average...but would love a bit extra!image I'm sure no matter what size you'll all look lovely in your dresses!xx
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    Oh ladies, I hope I haven't depressed anyone by starting this topic.

    I know that for me they have always been large and this is one of my fears of getting dress. I've never liked being this large but they have just got bigger with the rest of me. I wish I had the guts for surgery but I'm I have the biggest fear of doctors and pain so that prevents me doing it.

    I worry about getting a strapless dress or corset that I will just look silly. Maybe like some of you have said it's just getting the right bra and right dress and it will look fine. I've just been thinking until now that I will need to look for a dress with straps because I can't wear strapless bras.

    Rigby here I come!

    I'm glad it's not just be out there. I don't know anyone that is the same as me so sometimes feel like noone understands so it's great for us all to talk about it.

    Loving all you big busted ladies.

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    I can sympathise with all ladys with a big bust. Even though i have gone from a 38f to a 38dd its still to big. My poor 14 year old Sophie has got a big bust,she is on Thyroxin because she has an underactive thyroid but she hasnt lost weight of her bust,she is a 40d and hates it,when she is 16 we are going to see about a reduction for her the doctors told us to waite till then,the poor little soul.

  • Hi girls, I'm a size 8 with 32E chest. I found that the sweetheart neckline of my dress fits around the bust really nicely. I didn't want to look really sexy but you can't exactly hide them. I also went for a really big skirt, it balances out my top half really well, making me look more in proportion. Have a good look at your dress shape girls, I couldn't believe how hiddious some shapes made me look! Maybe some sleeves or wide straps would help too? Look at the triny&sussanah books, I dress by them everyday.
  • Hi Girls!

    Well I've got 42G king size pups to control and Lordy, it takes some doing at times. I usually go to M&S (laziness/cheapness) but get totally frustrated at the lack of options available.

    I've just looked at the Rigby & Peller website - £82 for a bra!!!! image

  • i find my local debenhams have been excellent since i was measured and went up 2 cup sizes (i'd been wearing the wrong size for years), much better than M&S.

    the freya & fantasie range are a much more reasonable at £32 for day to day stuff - it's pretty too ;o) i'm not sure what size they go up to though, maybe give them a try
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