17 November Weigh In


Thought I'd start up this thread as it's Friday & I'm celebrating cos I lost another pound this week - the goal is now within sight!!!!

Hope you've all had a good week!



  • emmarayukemmarayuk Posts: 2,591
    Hi shoegal, well done you.

    I've managed to lose 4lb!! So excited. I'm now down to 15st 13lb. never thought I would get into the 15 stones again!

    Have a good weekend all.

  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621
    Hey Ducky, that's fantastic!!! Well done - you must be sooo chuffed!!! It must be great motivation as well!!!
  • Hi girls,

    Congratulations on your weight loss!

    I have stayed the same this week, 11st 6lb. I only managed one exercise class this week and it has been time of the month so i am pleased with that!

    Target for next week is to lose 1-2lb and excerise and swim 2-3 times a week!

    Good luck everyone!
  • Well I managed to lose 1lb this week which I am REALLY chuffed about - It is ther frst week for the last 9 that I haven't put on!!!!!!! I am now down to 10st 8lb (which is still 1lb up since I start on here) but I am SOOOOOOOOOO much more motivated once I am losing so I hope to keep it going! This week is going to be hard as I have a leaving do at work tonight (meal and drinks) and am going to a ball with friends tomorrow (3 course meal and drinks) but I hope if I do my 3 excercise sessions and eat healthily the rest of the week I will lose again - wld like it to be 2lbs next week!

    Also still trying to drink more water!
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Hey well done everyone!!!

    I've stuck at the same this week but not too worried. I just ate a little bit too much every day (not dreadful stuff just a bit too much of the good stuff!). Is it just me or does this cold weather make everyone want to hibernate in front of the telly with a big plate of chilli?!

    I've still done my exercise this week as planned so still feeling pretty good about that.

    I would like to lose a pound in the next week.

    I'm having my "boudoir" photos taken tomorrow - AGH!!!! Hopefully will be okay. I've been poncing around in front of the bathroom mirror for ages so have worked out my good angles!

    Well done again everyone - all doing brilliantly!

    Good luck for the coming week.

  • MUMMYAMUMMYA Posts: 557
    Good luck with the boudoir photo's your braver than me.

    I lost a 1llb so far this week.

  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Thanks Annette, I keep veering between quite looking forward to it and being absolutely terrified. Couldn't sleep last night from thinking about it! Oh well, if they're dreadful I'll burn them and deny all knowledge of ever having been!

    Well done on your loss this week by the way.
  • Hi

    I stayed the same AGAIN. Getting fed up of this, im sure there must be something wrong with me.

    I think i need to start writing down everything i eat, there must be something sneaking in to make me not lose weight.
  • welly172welly172 Posts: 124
    Hi All,

    lost 1lb of the 2lb I put on last week, only 4 weigh ins before my holiday and if I lose a pound a week I will be at target........

    My salad eating has gone out of the window, it's too cold!!!! Quorn Chilli and rice is now my favourite meal, I can eat as muh of it as I like on SW green day... yeahhhhh
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Hi dairylee, just wanted to say that I've found in the past that writing down every morsel that I eat really helpful. Used to weigh quite a bit more than I do now and lost that a couple of years ago. My mum and I dieted together and both wrote down everything we ate and then looked at each other's lists. Made me think before I ate because I didn't want to have to write more down. Also if you do find you stay the same or put on you can really analyse what you had and where you went a bit wrong.

    I've waffled on a bit but basically wanted to say I think it's a great idea and all the best of luck for next week.

    Elly X
  • CA1312CA1312 Posts: 384
    Well h2b and i recently brought our wedding forward to march without me even thinking about the diet. I now have 4 months to diet, not 9 like planned!! HAve cut out all the crap but not getting anywhere, guess thats the gym and swimming most days from now on then! Anyone else panicking about 'the dress?'
  • CA1212 - i'd love for our wedding to be brought forward, october seems such a long time away - however on the plus side i've not even looked at a dress yet so can get whatever size i "need"!!!

    i am a bit disheartened oday, have been really good for the last 2 weeks and only lost 1lb so am now 11st 5lb - however my clothes are definitely not as tight and my tummy is a lot flatter so somethings is happending just not being reflected on the scales!! am gonna take my measurements tognight and see how they compare next week.

    well done everyone else, and even if we haven't lost must all keep trying.....especially over christmas (one of my colleagues brought mince pies back after lunch, had to have one and it was scrumptious ;o)

    see you all next week

  • Hi everyone,

    Only lost 1/4 of a pound this week, but I'm pleased as I have consumed lots of wine and probably don't deserve to lose any weight!!

    Went swimming on Tuesday night so maybe that helped...

    So I'm now 10 stone 9 lbs.

    Good Luck for next week everyone,

  • Hi ladies,

    I weighed 20st 13lb this morning, thats another 2lb loss this week and 2st 1lb loss altogether. image

    I joined my local slimming world class on wednesday in the aim of maintaining focus and motivation.

    Only another 11st to go!!!!!! image

    Well done to all of you on another gruelling week. Its find it so hard this time of year not to comfort eat. I think I suffer with S.A.D so I feel really depressed at this time of year now that its dark by the time I leave work! image

    Fingers crossed for next week....................
  • Hi all,

    I've lost 1lb this week. So i'm pleaseed with myself. Now 9stone 6lb. total of 4lb so far.

    Starting my exercise next week so hoping to lose more then.

    Well done every one for losing weight. Keep up the good work. Think of those dresses!!!!

    Kelly x
  • Hi all

    This is my first weigh in = 10stone7lb.

    Have set myself the target of going to gym at least three times and sticking to my new healthy eating plan, which I started yesterday!

    Good Luck everybody x
  • Bride28Bride28 Posts: 255
    I lost 1lb this week.

    Well done everyone!

    ~ Nat xx
  • well done guys, i have lost almost 2.5 stone with weightwatchers and am now 13st 5 1/2 lb, i get measured for my dress in two weeks, so am trying 2 b good, although this cold weather gives me the munchies. my saving grace is sugar free jelly, i always have some in the fridge, so as well as a virtually calorie free snack it should help my nails as well.

    Good luck everyone
  • Hurrah! I have lost 4lb! which considering i spent the weekend in venice i am amazed by. Must try not to give up now and keep going!

    i tend to loose momentum.... This week, i am going to excersize more.

  • Well done everyone. Haven't been to my class this week as have had a bad cold, and before that I was away and I indulged a bit, although I did do lots of exercise.

    Back for next weigh in next week !
  • Well done all,

    Lost 1lb this week which I think is good as I was away in Italy sorting out wedding stuff earlier this week. Ummm....italian ice-cream!

    The other thing is that I got to see myself in a full-length mirror for the first time since we moved into our new house. Can see definate changes in my body (was 12st 2 in march) which has motivated me more. Like my collarbones and hip bones peering out where they once were supposed to be.

    Still have to order my dress...bring on the size 12

  • Hi Girls,

    I have lost 1lb this week which means that I am 4lb lighter than when we started! I am really chuffed and am feeling quite motivated to keep going! The 10stone mark is within sight now!

    Well Done to you all - keep it up next week


  • LYNNIukLYNNIuk Posts: 1,046
    Thought I would join in! I weigh 14st 5lbs and tonight at Weight watchers I ve lost half a pound!! Would like to get down to around 11st if I can, I am five foot 7inches so that would be a good weight for me....

    Well done everyone, its not easy

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to this chat room but glad 2 c so many trying to lose weight like I am...it's tough!!

    How is everyone doing it? I tried Slimming World and it went well for like 2 weeks and then all the organisation and planning did my head in...any other suggestions?

  • PickwaiPickwai Posts: 406
    Hi everyone,

    I've lost 3 pounds this week, down to 11.05st. I've been really good and counting my Weightwatchers points, although on Weds and Thurs I went off the rails a bit with chocolate (time of the month!), so that may be reflected in next week's weigh-in.

    These weigh-in days are really spurring me on, much more so than WW ever did, but that may be because I know I've got a deadline to work to now and a dress to get in to.

    Good luck for this coming week ladies

  • cehceh Posts: 223
    May i join in.

    I am 66kg and 5 ft 5 in. initially 76kg in July!!

    My goal is 60kg this would be size 10/12.

    Ihave lost 1kg, 2lbs this week. GOOD WEEK!!

    I have acieved this through going to the gym- I hated it at first, now i get withdrawal symtoms if i am unable to go!!!

    Well done all and keep up the good work, xx
  • hi everyone!

    i lost 1lb this weeks so i am now on the side of 13 that i want to be!!

    fingers crossed for more next week!!

  • cehceh Posts: 223
    Oh Hawky what a beautiful dog, is s/he yours,

    I have a black lab.

    Sorry off the topic completely but what a lovely dog!!
  • Well done everyone. My scales are in the office and I won't be in until Monday so will have to post then. Better be good as I walked 6 miles yesterday and 3 today and have not eaten chocolate since Tuesday!!
  • Hi

    Lost 1lb this week but have had massive chocolate cravings everyday- bloody hormones!! And i did give in most days and had chocolate so im well pleased i lost. Went to gym few times so that must have helped!

    Well done everyone!

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