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anyone know of good venues on anglesey?

gi, we are looking for a venue on anglesey for june next year - anyone know of a good place?



  • Hi not on anglesey but south gwynedd/denbighshire I have some ideas if you interested in?? What type of weddng are you lookng for??
  • There is The Bulkeley which is a Best Western hotel in Beaumaris? I've seen a fair few weddings there in my time and its always quite pleasant in there. Lovely views as well!
  • dusty676dusty676 Posts: 185
    Hi, We're getting married at Tre-ysgawen Hall Hotel in Anglesey. Its a lovely country hotel set in beautiful grounds. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it x x
  • i have been to a wedding in tre-ysgawen it's lovely X
  • Anglesey is such a lovely island I'm sure you'll find just the right venue!

    Happy hunting!

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  • Hi - I've got a thread in planning that folk have put some good ideas on. Some of the venues in Anglesey are just gorgeous but out of our price range, now we're thinking about H2B's parents' garden!! It's huge, perfect and has a beautiful view over the Menai Straits. Only thing is I'm not sure if you need a special licence or something, I still need to look into it - we might end up having a registry office ceremony and then a big party in the garden.

    We were planning to get married in November but I think that might change now!!

    Happy Hunting!!
  • Dusty676 - Were having our reception at Treysgawen Hall in august, I am so excited.. I grew up on anglesey and always wanted my reception there so i am so happy weve got it. They have been really helpful with us so i would recommend them.

    We also looked at Seiont Manor, beautiful setting nearer to snowdonia mountains, bit pricey.. £45-55 a head

    Plas Glynllifon - only have capacity for 80 in the dining room but you get the whole house.. really nice staircase to walk down and big piano..

    Treaddur Bay hotel was a bit cheap looking, really dated rooms we thought... does that help?
  • Been to a couple of weddings at Treysgawen and have been disappointed with the quality of food there, and the decor is quite dated I feel. Depends what your looking for I suppose!

    Good luck with the searching!
  • Hey. We are getting married in Carreglwyd in Llanfaethlu, its just down the road from us. He has just opened the place for weddings, in fact we will be the second wedding in July! the web site is, Give Tom a ring, he is really friendly image Our second choice was Treysgawen hall, my friend got married there recently and it was lovely. What kind of thing were you looking for? I'm sure I have other places that we looked at stored in the back of my mind somewhere! x x x
  • Tre Ysgawen Hall Hotel have a wedding fayre on March 28th, worth a visit. Im going with my friend who has a wedding decorations company - she does backdrops, chair covers, etc.
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    Chateau Rhianfa is beautiful and located just on the water, went to a wedding there last year...

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