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I'm getting married at the King Arthur Hotel in Reynoldston early next year, and just wondered whether anyone out there was my venue twin? When I booked it a lot of people said it was a popular venue but I haven't met anyone else getting married there, so I'm all intrigued to see how other people would decorate it and whether anyone has been to a wedding there or has any pics.

We actually get married 4 months today - whoop!! image

Thanks chicas! xx


  • Hiya,

    I'm getting married at the King Arthur Hotel in Reynoldston early next year, and just wondered whether anyone out there was my venue twin? When I booked it a lot of people said it was a popular venue but I haven't met anyone else getting married there, so I'm all intrigued to see how other people would decorate it and whether anyone has been to a wedding there or has any pics.

    We actually get married 4 months today - whoop!! image

    Thanks chicas! xx
  • Me Me Me!!! I am your vewnue twin. I agree there are not alot of people on here getting married there but it is a very poplour venue. I have been to a wedding there and it was great. I am decorating the beams with lights and having chair covers and vintage / country garden theme - table centres are all different. candelabras, large teacups birdcgaes etc.

    Have you chosen your menu yet?

    I get married 22 May 2010
  • Hi, Im having a KA wedding in summer 2011. We wanted the venue so much we decided to wait til 2011 when they had a summer saturday date free!

    Im from Swansea but now live in London. Ive been to a few weddings there and I have always thought it was perfect. Also noone has a bad word to say about the KA - hope they live up to their reputation!

    We are going with the country theme also. Im hanging wicker hearts with flowers threaded through on the beams and hurricane lamps on mirror plates with an ivy/floral wreath with lots of candles as centre pieces.

    Also having the chair covers as I think it finishes it off.

    Not cosen menu yet. what are your thoughts?
  • Not chosen menu yet and my wedding is less than 5 months away now.

    When i booked our date it was also the last saturday for 2010.

    Miss sweetly , Im also from Swansea but live in London xxx
  • Yay! I'm so pleased there are some other KA ladies on here! image

    We've just about chosen our menu - we're going for the goats cheese and onion marmalade tartlets, beef carbonnade with leek mash, and then warm chocolate brownies for pud. We're getting married in April so its likely to be chilly, or I would have gone for their gorgeous summer pudding image. As it is the brownies are yum, and everyone knows me as a chocolate fiend so its all appropriate really.

    We're going for lanterns with flower wreaths too, and fairy lights around the beams. I was tempted by chair covers but h2b likes the chairs as they are and has put his foot down (I've negotiated a lovely harpist instead!). The wicker hearts sound gorgeous! Have you found a supplier yet? We've had little hearts made up in Welsh slate to use as place names.

    Just been to see our lovely videographer to talk about where we could get photos taken, so I'm very excited about it all again! Whoop! xx
  • Well done MrsMel2b for starting this forum! Its nice to share with people at the same venue.

    MrsMel2b - your menu sounds lovely and perfect for the time of year. The fairy lights will look amazing in the night. My Mum bought the wicker hearts from a flower market - they were only £1.50 each - a fraction of what they cost in normal shops, so she bought 25!!! The slate hearts sound so lovely. We are doing the love spoon thing to add a welsh element.

    Our photographer suggested having some photos in the Oxwich castle ruins - he showed us some really atmospheric photos from there - good if the weather is dodgy. Plus the KA grounds are lovely with the pond and meadow. Where are you thinking for photos?

    Pinklace - 5 months - how exciting! Dont worry about the menu, im sure it will all fall inot place. What are your ideas? Are you offering an option or set meal? How funny that you live in london too!

    Are you both getting married and having the reception in the KA?

  • Im getting married in St Pauls Skety.

    Can we offer an option, I thought it wouold have to be a set meal?

    Yeh I would like to have photos by the beach or coast but dont want to be away from guests too much.

    I have been to a wedding that has the fairy lights and they really make the room.

  • St Pauls is lovely. We are doing it all at the KA.

    KA said we could offer as many menu options as we wanted - it costs an extra 50p per head for each option I think

    I know what you mean about not wanting to be away from the guests for too long - my mum is panicing about entertaining evryone while we have our photos!

  • I have been to a civil wedding at KA too. I didnt know that we could offer options. Dont know if I will bother giving options - something to think about.

    Dont worry about entertaining everyone, it will be fine everyone will just be drinknig chatting an nibbling on the canapes. I am also having a string quartet at the drinks reception. xxx
  • I got married there 4 weeks ago and I have to say they were phenomenal... I can't praise it all enough.... its such a beautiful venue - I can upload pics of my day if anyone wants to see them..... (just not quite sure how to do it)

    We had photos both in the layby that overlooks 3 cliffs (stunning pics) and also the castley type thing thats just by the turning down to oxwich. The photographer, if it had of been warmer and drier, suggested some on cefn bryn - he showed us some pics of others who had and they are stunning. Don't worry about having group shots inside, we had to and they have come out lovely....

    I'm so excited for all of you, its an amazing place to have it!!!

    Who is looking after your day? I had anoushka...
  • Hi dramaqueendance, congratulations on your day! I would love to see pics if possible.

    I've heard Cefn Bryn is a lovely place for photos - I was considering getting some wedding wellies so I could walk there from the road. We also thought about getting permission for pics at Oxwich Castle, I don't know if anyone has seen any examples from there?

    Not sure who is looking after our day, but everyone we've spoken to has been really nice. I can't believe its this year now, its so exciting!!
  • I had wedding wellies, only had a chance to put them on in the night when using sparklers - so much fun!

    Do you know how to upload pics here? i've never done it before
  • tried to add a pic but it didnt work


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  • nope, got no idea how to add a pic, will try and search for instructions

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  • Right, figured it out, sorry about the previous posts

    Here are some pics - some are professional - Nigel Pullen - some are friends pics

    edited because they came out huge so have added then again smaller

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  • Adverts in the way

  • We had a barn dance - i'd really recommend it!
  • Ok so all the pics that I uploaded have disappeared - weird

  • Think thats most of the venue type ones i've got
  • Ahh thanks so much for that hun, its gorgeous! You look stunning!

    The fairy lights are a must, I think, they look amazing in your pics. Can I ask who you got to put them up, or if you did it yourselves?
  • I got them with the company who did the chair covers - they charged me £5 per set of lights I think it was (each set of lights did one pillar/staircase) so it was about £50 max for it all including the stairs (some companies quoted me £200), if you want chair covers they were fab too, I had 95 chair covers, top table swag, cake table swag and same colour fabric down the stair case too, fairy lights on each pillar, top table and down the stair case and I think altogether it was around £300. The company is occassion by design. I found them at a wedding fayre.

    [email protected]

    I was going to do them myself but it was cheaper to use these and they were lovely & very helpful.

    My names Clare and my wedding was in Dec if they ask how you found them image

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  • Wow - thanks for the photos - it looks lovely - a proper winter wonderland!

    Enchanted decor are another good company in swansea. They do the chair covers for a good price. Apparently the KA chairs are a different size to most other chairs and the covers have to be specially made - but enchanted decor has a set ready.

    Also, our photographer said that if you pay about £10 the people who look after the oxwich castle ruins will ensure it is tourist free when you want your photos done.

  • God that is so cheap for the lights think I am paying about £150! with RSVP. I wanted to use enchanted decor miss sweetly but they were already booked when I contacted them about a year in advance.
  • Yeah I looked at RSVP first and was almost going to buy my own and hang them myself and then my chair cover people said they'd do them, and they were that cheap.
  • Hi Im gettin married in the KA oct 2011 its amazing, havent even bothered looking anywhere else and we got engaged on three cliffs too. having a welsh rustic theme x
  • We're going for a rustic sort of theme as well, nataliecart - I think it will be perfect with the beams and the slate. I've only got 80 days to go now, I'm so excited!

    We've had to call them a few times lately to iron out details and they've been fab. Does anyone know how we let the wedding co-ordinators know how we'd like the tables set up? We're meeting with them a couple of weeks before the day - should I do a trial run at home and take a picture, or just try and explain?

    Thanks ladies!! xx
  • cariad174cariad174 Posts: 221
    they have a wedding fair on March 7th a lot of my brides are getting married there so it will be nice to finally see the venue in real life , what are the stairs like there as they want my models to walk down them are they really steep or easy to manage ?? any sort of advise would help , i am hoping to get over there before for a reccy but i dont know if i will have the time as i am so busy , do you think you could walk easily on the steps if you were in a gown xx
  • Yes, brides on the wedding day always walk down the steps they are pretty easy. My friend walked down them, before walking down the aisle - it was part of her entrance and better than coming through the side door for those having a civil ceremony there. xxx
  • hey mrsmel2be i would defo take a picture at least its clear and u can all see what u expect cause i got loads of ideas i my head but finding them hard to get across especially to my bridesmaid who keeps thinking im havin a hippy wedding instead of a rustic lol. im going to the wedding fayre in march so im hoping they will have a table set out to see what they are like. 80 days not long now!! x
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