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Budget Photographer in South Wales?

Can anybody recomend a good reasnable photographer in the RCT area.

I just want him/her there between 3pm and 7pm. Nothing fancy just a few nice group photo's and a few of me and h2b. i hate having my pic taken and dont want the a fuss xx image


  • lawler09lawler09 Posts: 313
    hi,you couyld try premierephotography,they have a website.grev is really nice and friendly and puts you at ease.i also hate having pics done but hes been really good.he is based in newport but will travel around wales etc.where is RCT,sorry i must sound think,but just cant think,lol!!

    his prices start from £395.hes got other people working for him so he does 4 weddings a day.


  • we're having photographic memories shes based in Porth and shes really good as a few friends had the same for their weddings. she doesn't have a web site but can let you know her email. packages start at 595 pounds
  • nowmrspenowmrspe Posts: 188
    we are using affordable photography, his name is simon and is based in neath. we are paying 450 for everything,
  • debzbowdebzbow Posts: 115
    I'm having Mike Williams. He's based in Aberdare and is really reasonable priced. Very friendly, hate having my pic taken but he put me at ease when we met him. Where in RCT are you?
  • hiya,

    We are using John White who is another based on Aberdare, he is really friendly and his wife works alongside him. His work looks amazing and has various packages from £200- £1000 plus. Good luck!


    We are having John White, he is based in Aberdare and he is very friendly, He and his wife work together and his work looks amazing. His prices range from £200-£1000 plus x
  • Our photographer is a family friend who does it on the side. We're paying £350 and he'll be with us from me getting ready up until about 8pm so about 10hrs, and we're getting all the images on disk with a copyright waver x
  • We are using John White, he is based in Aberdare and works with his wife. They are both really friendly and down to earth and his work is amazing. Prices range from 200-1000 plus.
  • ooops posted 3 times, computer playing up!
  • LaurarawLauraraw Posts: 585
    We are having Jeff Howells - based in Newport, met him at a wedding fayre - and he was a really nice guy. having a storybook package for £450. He has a website, but it really doesnt do him justice! xx
  • CelticDreamsCelticDreams Posts: 1,013
    We're having Richard Hobson, we're paying £495 from ceremony until first dance. x

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  • I would recommend ladybird photography stunning for the price.Really lovely lady.
  • i agree with lucylee

    ladybird photography is fab and jo is brill very helpful shes based in caerphilly but im sure she will travel.

  • Tie The Knot are a friendly couple who have packages starting from £400 but they are willing to personalise packages for you

  • I've worked with jo at ladybird photography, and can agree with the above, she's fab.

    What date are you getting married?  I can see if I'm free :)

  • Laura GraceLaura Grace Posts: 334 New bride

    Matt, come on mate, I think you need to give it a rest now!  It is one thing discreetly advertising your services but you have hijacked dozens of threads to promote your business, barely any of which have anything to do with the services you are offering.  If anything it would probably put people off!  

    Please don't give those of us who do use this forum appropriately a bad name by spamming unnecessarily.

  • Nikki-93Nikki-93 Posts: 171

    I came across lauren owens at a wedding fayre, she was lovely and her photo's are really good

  • Beginner photographer, keen eye for shots.  Just looking for a bit of experience and work to add to my portfoli.  Not looking for payment just cover my expenses.  Petrol, food and some drinks.  Please contact me and I'll show you my work so far.

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